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Minutes 1-11-2006

Degrees and Certificates Committee

January 11, 2006
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Rooms B

Committee Members:

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher, Chair X Mark Hagen Dave Stout
X Lucinda Eshleman Nancy Wilder Tony Zable
X Linda Gettmann X Eriks Puris X Jennifer Bowers

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray X Lorna O’Guinn X Scott Huff
X Chris Chairsell

Adult High School Diploma With PCC’s 3-4 credit conversion of courses on the AAOT

A/B List and the General Education List and the implementation of HB 300, Guy Sievert/Nan Poppe/Chris Chairsell has asked that we review our Adult High School Diploma. A group of faculty and advisors who work with students who pursue the Adult High School Diploma met with the Degrees and Certificates committee to discuss the issues and to set up a process for the review.

Several PCC Programs offer the Adult HS Diploma (such as Adult HS Completion Program, PCC Prep, Gateway to Success) In light of internal and external changes; we agreed to form a Task Force to review the current Adult High School Diploma. Task Force will review the current HS diploma and bring any recommended revisions forward to our committee for discussion and recommendation. Task Force membership will include representation from each of the PCC areas involved, a Dean of Instruction, Student Services representation, and where possible, input from our local high schools.

BCT Design Build Remodeling Option Spencer Hinkle shared a recommended revision to the BCT Design Build Remodeling Option in the AAS degree due to revisions in the Interior Design program. Committee members recommended approval of this revision.

Drafting Technology and Design – Certificate Revision Review of courses in the certificate by SAC resulted in some deletions and additions in courses.

  • PCC Certificate in Drafting Technology and Design – 43 credits required for 05-06 certificate
  • PCC Certificate in Drafting Technology and Design – 43 credits required for 06-07 certificate

In addition, certificate requirements were revised to provide students with a clearer understanding of math and writing skills needed to succeed in the program.

Certificate Requirements:

Students new to the Drafting Technology and Design certificate program must take the college’s placement examinations for Math and English prior to program advising and registration. It is advised that students place in MTH 60 and WR115 before registering for first term drafting classes, or have department approval.

Committee members approved to recommend this revision (Certificate requirement approved via email correspondence)

OTM Coursework Recommendations:

Foundation Skills

  • Writing: two courses – WR 121 and a second WR course for which WR 121 is a prerequisite, or two WR courses for which WR 121 is a prerequisite
  • Oral Communications: one course – SP 111, 112, or 113
  • Mathematics: one course – MTH 111A, 111B, or 111C, or a MTH course of three credits or more for which MTH 95, Intermediate Algebra, is a prerequisite

Introduction to the Disciplines

  • Arts and Letters: three courses from AAOT Arts and Letters list; a Speech course taken to satisfy the Foundation Skills requirement above will not count in this category.
  • Social Science: three courses from the AAOT Social Science list
  • Science/Math/Computer Science: three courses from the AAOT Science and Mathematics list, including at least one biological or physical science course with a lab; a Mathematics course taken to satisfy the Foundation Skills requirement above will not count in this category


As required to bring the total to 45 credits: additional courses from the AAOT Arts and Letters, Social Science, or Science and Mathematics lists needed to bring the total to 45 credits or more.