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Minutes 1-10-2007

Degrees and Certificates Committee

January 10, 2007
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Rooms A

DAC Committee Members:

DAC committee members
X Susanne Christopher Linda Gettmann X Loretta Goldy
Eriks Puris Nancy Wilder Tony Zable
X Jennifer Bowers X Lucinda Eshleman X Dave Stout

Committee Support:

Committee support
X Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia X Rick Aman
X Scott Huff X Stacey Timmins X Steve Smith


Adrian Rodriguez Catherine Sills Veronica Garcia

Approval of December’s minutes – next month

New Business

D/C Catalog –

Veronica Garcia shared with the D/C some degree/curriculum areas of discrepancies and clarifications needed for the next catalog. After some discussions, we agreed that Susanne and Veronica will meet, identify issues to be discussed, and organize the information for the Degrees and Certificates Committee. The plan is to get the information to the committee in advance of the next week so that the committee members can be prepared for discussion and may address any issues or questions that may arise.

The strategy will be to look at each degree separately.

One issue that was identified during the meeting is how and under what circumstances a grade of “D” should or should not be applied. Currently a grade of “D” is accepted unless it is to be applied to the AAOT or the ASOT-Business.

Veronica will run the “D” issue by other registrars statewide.

Certificate of Completions -Pathways

Pamela Murray – postponed

Program Award

Amy presented information from the state with regards to the Program Award.

As per the State and OCCWD, colleges are permitted to grant awards at the department level to recognize achievement in a particular lower division area of study. The State criteria include:

  • They must be less than 45 credits
  • They may not be referred to as certificates
  • Awards may not appear on the official transcript
  • It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that students understand the difference between a certificate of completion and an award given by a department
  • Institutions may specify the coursework required to earn the department level award
  • Awards may appear in the catalog, but there must be clear statements to communicate what the award is and is not for the student

The discussion that will continue at the February meeting will include how to track the awards in Banner while honoring State criteria and FERPA concerns. Veronica will investigate. The purpose of tracking the awards is to collect data internally that may be used when PCC applies for grants. A lively discussion occurred on what these awards should be called. Options proposed include:

  • Recognition Award
  • Focus Award
  • Focus Area
  • Focus

We agreed to have further discussion and add this to the February agenda.

CG 191 – Exploring Identity and Diversity for College Success

Diversity Designation

Adrian Rodriquez met with the committee to discuss the options available to place CG 191 on the Cultural Diversity list of the AAOT. The current AAOT degree states that designating a course as one that meets the requirements for diversity requires that the course be on either on the A or B list of the AAOT Degree. Since CG 191 is not on the A or B list, recommending it for the diversity requirement would constitute changing the AAOT degree. While there are plans to eventually begin discussion of changes that might be made to the AAOT, it is believed that this will not occur in the immediate future. Adrian was encouraged to speak with the social science SACs about this issue and to see if they would like to sponsor this course on the A/B List. This procedure follows guidelines set up by the Curriculum Committee last year when a similar situation arose.

Math Requirement at State level for degrees

Scott Huff has asked that this item be placed on the February agenda.

Meeting adjourned: 4pm