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Minutes 1-5-2005

Degrees and Certificates Committee

January 5, 2005
Sylvania Campus, 3:00-5:00 pm
CT Conference Room

Members Present: Mark Hagen, Amy Alday-Murray, Lucinda Eshleman, Linda Gettman, Dave Stout, Tony Zable

Guests: Karen Jolly, Larry Altree, Russ Dunnington, Stuart Savin

1. Minutes of meeting from 1 December 2004 were approved.

2. Lucinda gave her report on her visit to the EAC, where the degree changes we proposed were eventually recommended for approval.

3. Aviation Science and Welding are here to the following requirement for the AAS degree:

“The final 18 credits that apply to the degree must include at least 9 credits at PCC that apply to the specific program requirements, excluding courses used solely for the General Education requirements.”

They reported that this requirement is keeping students earning PT certificates from coming back and finishing the requirements for their AAS degree. They are wondering if it wouldn’t make more sense to encourage certificate earners to return and complete their AAS degrees.

We agreed to consult with other PT programs and SAC’s to see if a change to this requirement would better serve our students. Mark Hagen (as interim committee chair) will meet with Guy Sievert to map out steps for researching the ramifications of a change to the different PT programs. Consultation with PT SAC’s is required before Degrees and Certificates reviews the policy and possibly makes recommendations to the EAC. Karen Jolly (Chair of EAC) graciously agreed to help Mark with this process.

4. Program changes for EET – Electronic Engineering Technology were postponed until the next meeting.

5. Tony will represent our committee at the January EAC meeting and let folks know that the close look at the language for the AAS requirements will be coming soon.

Minutes submitted by Dave Stout, 1/5/05