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Minutes 2-19-2003

Degrees and Certificates Committee

Minutes, February 19, 2003, Sylvania Campus, 3:30-5pm, CT219

Present: Susanne Christopher (SYL), Dave Stout (SYL), Linda Bastian (SYL), Amy Alday-Murray (RC), Lucinda Eshleman (SYL), Pat Lewis (RC), Bob Ewing (RC), Tony Zable (CA)

The Degrees and Certificates Committee convened on Wednesday, 2/19/03 at 3:30 pm in the Cedar Room, Sylvania Campus. This was the last meeting for changes before the catalog deadline. The following people from the following programs brought changes for approval:

  1. Scott Judy, Welding

    Motion to recommend approval to changes recommended in the Welding degree and certificates was passed unanimously.

  2. Richard Willebrand, Industrial Technology

    Motion to recommend approval of changes recommended in the Facilities Maintenance Technology degree and certificate was passed unanimously.

  3. Spencer Hinkle, Building Construction

    Motion to recommend approval of changes recommended in the Building Construction degree and certificates was passed unanimously.

  4. Patty Barnett, Criminal Justice

    Motion to recommend approval of changes recommended in the AAS degree in Criminal Justice and General Education and the Juvenile Corrections certificate was passed unanimously.

  5. Approval of Minutes from 1/22/03 and 2/5/03

    Both sets of minutes were approved, after they were corrected. Our fearless leader will forward them as corrected to Jana Dees for posting on the Curriculum web site.

  6. Approval of a New Member

    Anthony Zable, Physics and Chemistry at Cascade, offered to join us on the committee. We agreed to recommend his approval to the EAC at its next meeting.

  7. Future Meetings:

    March 10, 4-5 pm in CT 219 Conference Room at Sylvania
    April 9, 3:30 – 5
    May 7, 3:30 – 5

  8. Jim Meyer, Landscaping

    Amy Alday-Murray generously agreed to clarify and write up recommended changes in these degrees and certificates for us to deliberate and vote on via email.

  9. EMT course substitution

    Replace CIS 120 with CAS 133 in the degree and certificate requirements for EMT.

    Motion to recommend approval of this change passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by Bob Ewing at 5:15 pm.