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Minutes 4-6-2005

Degrees and Certificates Committee

April 6, 2005
Sylvania Campus, 3:00-5:15 pm
CT Conference Room

Members Present: Susanne Christopher, Mark Hagen, Lucinda Eshleman, Dave Stout, Linda Gettmann, Amy Alday-Murray, and eventually Tony Zable

Guests: Scott Huff, Mary Lou Webb, Karen Jolly, Steve Ward, Tom Gillespie, Rob Russell, Shari Rochelle, Joe Wright, Mike Kies, Guy Sievert

1. Susanne had all present introduce themselves.

2. After many email exchanges, we revisited the limitation on one-credit Management Supervisory Development courses that could be used to meet requirements for the AAS degree. After further discussion and attempts to establish the history of this policy, the following motion was moved, seconded and passed.

Degrees and Certificates recommends to the EAC removal of the limitation on use of one-credit MSD workshops towards any AAS degree (as stated on p. 16 of the current catalogue).

3. AS degrees have not traditionally included a disciplinary designation. Last year we recommended approval of an ASOT in Business, which has since been approved by the state. We are now looking at proposals for two additional AS degrees with a disciplinary designation: an AS in Health Studies and an AS in Engineering.

The common element in these proposals is that they represent extended, thoughtful work between PCC SAC’s and parallel departments at the state’s four-year institutions. Perhaps the main criterion we should apply to evaluate the AS disciplinary degrees is whether or not they are the culmination of careful articulation between PCC’s program and the other major programs at the four-year schools—in an attempt to better serve our students and smooth their transition to the bachelor’s level programs throughout the state. Additional evaluation guidelines include: following our AS degree guidelines or if they deviate, the reasoning is sound; and, SAC presenting the AS degree has a plan in place to identify and advise students. We will also evaluate whether or not the proposed degrees meet the minimum state guidelines and the spirit of the degree.

Motion was moved, seconded and passed that Degrees and Certificates recommend approval of the ASOT in Engineering as amended.

Motion was moved, seconded and passed that Degrees and Certificates recommend approval of the ASOT in Health Studies as amended.

4. The next meeting will be May 4, 2005 in the CT conference room, 3:30 -5:00 pm.

Minutes submitted by Dave Stout, 4/6/05.