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Minutes 12-6-2006

Degrees and Certificates Committee

December 6, 2006
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Rooms A

DAC Committee Members:

DAC committee members
X Susanne Christopher X Linda Gettmann X Loretta Goldy
X Eriks Puris X Nancy Wilder Tony Zable
X Jennifer Bowers Lucinda Eshleman X Dave Stout

Committee Support:

Committee support
X Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia X Rick Aman
X Scott Huff X Stacey Timmins


Steve Smith Jackie Miles Susan Wolff
Roy Torley Tom Lieurance Jan Abushakra


Loretta Goldy is a new member of DAC and Mark Hagen is resigning from the DAC Committee. Jennifer Bowers and Jackie Miles will be sharing committee membership duties for a couple of months with the intent of Jackie becoming Student Records representation.

Approval of November’s minutes

November minutes:

Dave Stout approved minutes. Linda Gettmann seconds the motion. Minutes approved.

New Business

New AAS Renewable Energy Technology – 106 credits

Susan Wolff – Background industry need – how work with them to provide training – have hands on experience combination of CMET mechanics, electronics – start with non-credit training. 60 applications for 20 slots in pilot – manufacturing of turbines – degree/cert enables them to respond more effectively to their own training –looked at by Bonneville, Intel, Engineering firms. Employers want people who are already in work force – will involve DL and maybe some weekend work – not always a cohort.

Degree amendments:

Remove MTH 95

Change wording for general education courses (Amy will work on this and send it to CGCC)

PE course given a number, PE 185

Motion: Eriks made motion to recommend AAS with amendments. Linda G seconded – It was approved with the understanding that all new course work passes Curriculum Committee.

New One Year Certificate Wind Energy Technician – 56 credits

Change Impact on other SACs to yes. Several discussions have occurred with EET.

Certificate amendments:

Remove MTH 95S

Gen Ed in Soc Science- specify which courses are acceptable.

PE course number identified: PE

Linda made a motion to recommend the amended certificate; Jennifer seconded. Amended certificate was recommended for approval.

Discussion Items: 2:30 – 4 pm

EAC response to Outcome Guidelines and Program Award Guidelines – Susanne Christopher

Susanne will get copies to Stacey – outcomes

Program Award:

Susanne shared EAC discussion of Program awards. Concerns included: maximum of 16 credits may be too limiting, confusion between LDC Program Awards and PTE Program Awards, and inclusion in the catalog. Subsequent meeting with Chris, Steve, Rick , Susanne, Veronica G and Candy S discussed the catalog concerns. Committee members discussed the role of program awards, supporting faculty energy and initiatives, liability including FERPA and tracking. Scott asked if we are creating a liability if we don’t make a statement in the catalog, stating what a program award is and that it is not recognized outside. At the end of the discussion, there seemed to be energy around finding a way to keep Program Awards in the catalog and assist in a tracking system that works for FERPA the department. Veronica has asked for additional time to investigate. Committee members agreed and Susanne will continue the discussions with Veronica and other parties.


Task group has met and reviewed the current catalog for D/C inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and errors. Veronica has a list that she will share with us at a future meeting.


EAC was supportive and agreed to the D/C Outcomes Guidelines. These will be posted on the website for January usage. Steve suggested that the Curriculum Office phone applicants with new degrees and/or certificates to let them know about the guidelines. Committee members agreed this was a good idea. Discussion went to the Core Outcomes. This year we have placed them on our forms but do not discuss them with the SACs when they share their new or revised D/C requests. Susanne suggested that in the future, probably in 07-08, we will be asking SACs to share with us which courses support which Core Outcomes. This will support the college work done in the 2000-02 period where we did a Core Outcomes matrix.

Certificate of Completion and Pathways

Pamela Murray had a last minute emergency and could not attend. Jan Abushakra shared her work with the Gerontology program. Gerontology is creating career pathways within program that will feed into one year cert and AAS and on to 4 year. Implementation of the Roberts Woods Johnson grant has presented issues to discuss and sort through:

Pre reqs

Work based learning

CEU credits applying

GER lower division – add on to existing less LDC

Creation of GER SAC?

Discussion occurred around these issues and committee members share information on possible next steps. Jan will return at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 4:15p