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Minutes 10-5-2005

Degrees and Certificates Committee

October 5, 2005
Sylvania Campus, 4pm
Conference Rooms A and B

Committee Members:

Committee members
Susanne Christopher, Chair X Mark Hagen X Dave Stout
X Jennifer Bowers X Scott Huff X Nancy Wilder
X Lucinda Eshleman X Steve Lepschat X Tony Zable
Linda Gettmann X Eriks Puris

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray X Brett Williams


Rick Aman Carol Lee Boone

In Susanne’s absence, Mark called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.

Everyone introduced themselves followed by a welcome from Mark.

New Business

Oregon Transfer Module

(The OTM can be viewed at: https://www.osu.edu)

Scott Huff presented information on the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM). It was created by Oregon colleges and universities to address transfer issues for general education courses. It is not intended to replace the transfer degrees, but would be a mile-marker along the way. It would guarantee acceptance of core gen-ed courses at all participating institutions. The OTM is intended to be equivalent to the first year (45 credits) of a bachelor’s or the first half of an associate’s degree. It will only apply toward transfer degrees.

Student’s are responsible for requesting award of the OTM which will appear on transcripts under the comments section.

Response to questions as to why PCC should participate include political and practical reasons. By not choosing to participate PCC may experience reluctance in cooperation in the future from the state and other institutions. It is also a benefit to students to be able to transfer the courses without question.

Concern was expressed about actual transferability of all courses designated by any one institution as meeting the requirements for the OTM at their institution. Note number two on the OTM guidelines state, “When choosing courses in science and mathematics, students and advisors should check the specific requirements at receiving schools.” This appears to be an indication that a student awarded the OTM could still have additional courses to take upon transferring to another school

While all institutions do not have to participate, it appears that most of the 17 community colleges and the state four-year institutions are going to participate. Independent schools may choose to participate as well.

Scott did not feel that rumors of the OTM being created to get students out of the 2 year schools sooner were accurate. There is certainly a feeling that students need a system that will not “burn” credits and will help guide them through to a degree efficiently. Additional concern was expressed by committee members that students would be discouraged by needing to take pre-college courses to be able to begin the OTM courses. There are many students that feel this way when trying to begin current degrees and certificate programs.

Dave Stout moved and Tony Zable seconded the motion to recommend that the Educational Advisory Council review PCC’s participation in the Oregon Transfer Module further. The motion carried.

Upcoming Projects/Issues

Mark shared a list of items sent by Steve Smith which are on the “radar” for the Curriculum Office. If there are any pending degrees or certificates that anyone know of that is not on the list which needs attention, they should contact Steve. The list is:

  • AAS in Multimedia
  • AAS Computer Information Systems – Network Administration Option
  • 1 year certificate in EET
  • AAS and 2-year certificate in BCT – Design/Build Remodeling Option
  • Deaf Studies Certificate
  • Health Care Interpreter Certificate
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • ESL Vocational Direct Care Worker for Non-Native Speakers of English
  • Certificate in Retail Management
  • CAS/OS AAS in Web Design
  • Diesel/Caterpillar collaboration AAS or Certificate

Susanne left a sheet to be shared with upcoming issues that will need to be addressed. This includes Related Instruction designation in one and two-year certificates as well as needing to get program outcomes into a format which is consistent and eventually stored in a central location and will allow for publication as needed.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:48 p.m.