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Minutes 1-9-2008

Degrees and Certificates Committee

January 9, 2008 2pm-4pm
Sylvania CC Conference Room

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher X Kathleen Bradach X Phil Christain
X Eriks Puris X Kendra Cawley X Tony Zable
Michael Flamen X Dave Stout
X Loretta Goldy X Janeen Hull

Committee Support:

Committee support
X Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia X Rick Aman
X Steve Ward Stacey Timmins X Davonna Livingston


Art Schneider Debra Anderson
Ron Beckey Alisa Schneider
Jan Abushakrah

Overview of October Minutes: Motion was made by Eriks to approve and was seconded my Loretta with the corrections being made to attendance list.

Overview of December Minutes: Minutes Approved

New Business:

Welcome: Phil Christain in his new position as advisor at Cascade, Kendra Cawley and Kathleen Bradach as new members of the committee.

Revision: AAS Nursing-Alisa Schneider presented information for a revision to be made to the new pre-requisites that are expected by the Nursing Consortium. Nursing Department is completing discussions with Nutrition area over the new prerequisites. Nursing is to have a discussion with the Nutrition Department concerning FN 270. Lorretta made the motion and Dave seconded the motion to approve for recommendation, contingent on the resolution of FN 270. Motion was approved.

Revision: Certificate in Building Inspection Tech: One and Two Family Dwelling Examiner-Debra Anderson presented INSP’s request to add two more options (SP 100 and SP 215) to their residential construction degree. Debra said that a two year degree is not always appropriate for everyone. In addition, INSP 155 will be changed to INSP 154 . It still needs to go before Curriculum Committee. Eriks made a motion to approve for recommendation contingent on INSP course approval with Curriculum Committee. Dave seconded that motion. Motion was approval.

Revision: AAS in Web Site Development and Design – Ron Bekey
The 2-year Web Site Development and Design Degree (AAS) was officially approved by the state earlier this fall. They also approved two short-term Certificates of Completion, which included “Development and Design” in the titles. We are making a few changes in the one-year certificate so the title aligns with the other degrees and all of the courses will count toward the two-year degree. Course work revisions: Change BA 223 to either BA 223 or BA 239 (increases offerings to students and schedule flexibility); add CAS 215 to “Required Courses” . Overall degree credits remain the same; with these modifications students will take less electives. A motion was made to approve for recommendation and was seconded by Janeen. Motion Approved.

Revision: Certificate: Web Development and Design– Ron Bekey
Request to revise course work requirements for this certificate: Move CAS 110 from “Required Courses” to” Restricted Electives” list; Move CAS 246 from “Required Courses” to “Restricted Electives” list and add CAS 215 to “Required Courses”. Motion to approve recommendation was made by Loretta and seconded by Dave. Motion was approved.

New Certificate in Advanced Behavioral and Cognitive Care-Jan Abushakrah-
New Certificate recommended by Advisory Committee. It is a certificate of completion that prepares workers to work with behavioral and cognitive issues. Eriks questioned the title in relation to aging. It was determined that Gerontology should be added to the title. Jan to send a new copy including the new title, Gerontology: Advanced Behavioral and Cognitive Care Certificate. A motion was made by Dave to approve recommendation and seconded by Loretta. Motion approved.

Revision: Certificate Gerontology: Jan Abushakrah-Minor revision to add new Restricted Electives, GRN 165, 235, 236, and to modify Outcomes. Dave motioned to approve recommending and Tony seconded. Motion approved.

Revision: AAS Gerontology: Jan Abushakrah- Minor revision to add new Restricted Electives, GRN 235, 236, 265, 266, AD105, and to modify Outcomes. Dave motioned to approve and Tony seconded. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned 4pm.