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Minutes 3-5-2008

Degrees and Certificates Committee

March 5, 2008 2pm-4pm
Sylvania CC Conference Room

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher x Kathleen Bradach X Phil Christain
X Eriks Puris x Kendra Cawley Tony Zable
x Michael Flaman x Anita Gibson X Dave Stout
X Loretta Goldy x Janeen Hull

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia Rick Aman
X Steve Ward Stacey Timmins X Davonna Livingston


Scott Huff
Richard Willebrand Katrina Cloud
Rebecca Mathern Steve Smith

2:00Overview of February 2008 Minutes

Minutes approved as written.

Old Business:

2:00 Trade Extensions – Katrina Cloud

Susanne shared with the committee members that several meetings had taken place since the last DAC meeting between Trade Extension faculty and Curriculum Office and DAC. These meetings resulted in a deeper and clearer understanding of the Trade Extension degrees and certificates and the need to have a credit range attached to each degree and certificate.

Kendra made a motion to amend February’s recommendation to approve the 3 AAS and 3 certificates with minimum credits to a recommendation for credit ranges each degree and certificate. Eriks approved the motion. The motion passed.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Construction Trades, General ApprenticeshipRecommended by Dave, Kendra seconded for recommendation. Motion passed.

(New)ApprenticeshipRecommended by Dave, Kendra seconded. Motion passed.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies- Recommended by Dave, Kendra seconded. Motion passed.

Susanne asked that the minutes reflect and acknowledge the hard work that has been put into updating the Trades Extensions degrees and certificates by Katrina Cloud and Rick Willebrand.

New Business:

2:30 JBAC and AAOT statewide updates

Scott Huff shared the latest on the state wide efforts in this area. Highlights of current recommendation before the JBAC , in comparison to PCC’s current AAOT include: removal of sequence requirement in the general education courses; reduction in the number of general education courses required; inclusion of health/wellness/fitness requirement but no specific courses identified; cultural competency and informational literacy embedded in general education courses.

Several pragmatic implementation and philosophical questions were asked and discussed. Scott said he would share this information with the CIA/JBAC group at their May meeting. Scott Huff may be coming back before the committee at the June meeting.

2:45 (New) Retail Management Certificate – Cheryl Scott and Bill Bruno

New Statewide Degree as set by the local advisory committee and by the Oregon Retail Management Community College Consortium. This degree is an extension of the current certificate that was recently approved by PCC in Retail Management. Decision postponed until further information is gathered regarding general education requirements and BA courses included.

3:00 (Revision) Dental Assisting Certificate-Jenny Jorgeson

Currently Psychology is not required as a prerequisite for the program. The American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation requires psychology in the program, taught by a psychology instructor. Dental SAC has requested the addition of Psychology 101 or above as a program prerequisite to meet Dental accreditation standard.

Discussion was held about the impact this additional program prerequisite, which has the standard prerequisites, will have on student’s ability to apply for the program. Dental SAC also expressed this concern but thought this was the best solution for now; but left open the possibility of revisiting this item in the future. Motion was made and passed to recommend the addition of this prerequisite.

Other Agenda Items:

AAS Degree’s with 2-Year Certificates Outcome Statement

Susanne shared that CTE programs with 2-year Certificates and AAS degrees need to have distinct outcomes between these two items ( NW Accreditation). In most the cases, the only difference in course work is the additional 16 general education hours for the AAS degree. Rick Aman, Steve Smith, and Susanne developed an Outcome statement that they felt would address the difference between 2-Year Certificate and AAS degrees in the same program. SACs could opt to use this Outcome statement if it meets there need.

The statement is : Students will apply knowledge and concepts from general education courses in their everyday lives.

Susanne asked the DAC committee members is they approved this Outcome statement. Discussion followed. A motion was made and approved to recommend this statement for AAS degrees with 2-year certificates.

AAS Degree and Certificates Outcomes

In accordance with an internal plan to have all AAS Degrees and Certificates have specific outcomes statements to meet NW Accreditation recommendation, CTE faculty have been invited over the past two years to attend Ruth Steele Outcome Workshops. CTE SAC’s were asked to review and, where needed, revise AAS Degree and/or Certificate Outcomes. Steve has requested the SACs who do not have their outcomes updated to contact Davonna and/or go before the Degree and Certificate committee for approval.

CTE programs will be bringing their revised AAS and Certificate Outcomes to DAC meetings beginning in April. Committee members discussed if this was the best use of their time while acknowledging the need to have an internal oversight process in place. Concern was also expressed for the workload of the DAC committee. It was agreed to start this process with the April meeting and then reassess. In April, we may explore other options, including a smaller, work team to review degree and certificate outcomes, if the committee decides the workload is too large or cumbersome for our regular meetings. Meanwhile, Steve will get some sense of how many SAC’s will need to visit the DAC between now and the end of the academic year.