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Minutes 11-2-2005

Degrees and Certificates Committee

November 2, 2005
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Rooms A

Committee Members:

Committee members
x Susanne Christopher, Chair X Mark Hagen Dave Stout
X Jennifer Bowers X Nancy Wilder
Lucinda Eshleman X Steve Lepschat X Tony Zable
x Linda Gettmann X Eriks Puris

Committee Support:



Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray X Brett Williams/Stacey Timmins
Scott Huff


Rick Aman Russ Dunnington Stuart Savin
Karen Jolly Jennifer Bowers Bob Bonner
Cheryl Scott Andrea Pace Verna Reardon
Kal Robertson Denise Kelsey Paula Wilson
Allen Jones

Susanne Christopher called the meeting to order at 2:09 pm.

Everyone introduced themselves followed by a welcome from Susanne.

New Business

AAS Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Training

Russ Dunnington, Bob Bonner, and Stuart Savin presented a new AAS degree that represents a partnership between PCC and Caterpillar. PCC would offer Caterpillar specific training in a closed program. PCC hires 2 Full time instructors, who are Caterpillar trained. And CAT sends PCC 72000.00 a year to foundation for funding. PCC is paid whether or not the seats get filled. Upon graduation Caterpillar guarantees the student a job with Caterpillar.

Committee members had several questions about this degree. Concerns were raised about cost, proprietary education, curriculum ownership, whether this is workforce training, thus CEU, and quality of program.

Understandings that emerged:

  1. PCC Faculty have been involved with the partnership conversations and have reviewed the Caterpillar curriculum.
  2. Diesel Technology training has changed over the last several years and specific dealer training is now more desirable than generic training.
  3. Students who attend and graduate are guaranteed jobs
  4. AAS degree was sought because of the general education requirements and writing/math requirements.
  5. Financial risk to PCC is minimal, financial benefits are significant.

Additional discussion lead to a name change, new name AAS Degree in Dealer Service Technology and a change in MTH requirement and language.

Recommended (subject to recommendation of courses by Curriculum Committee)Change AAS degree to Dealer Service Technology. Change MTH exit requirement to Mth 95 or placement into Mth 111 with the understanding that the Mth95 credits are not part of the degree credits

Linda Gettmann motion to recommend approval with amendments; seconded and approved.

CAS 133 Basic Computer Skills/MS Office

This was just informational; to inform committee members about a course they may serve as a computer competency course in certificates or degrees. Andrea did an overview of what is learned in this Computer Literacy class. The students will learn basic computer skills and this course is really hands-on. They are looking into the reading level of the textbook, currently it has a pre-req of RD 115 and WR 115. Some of the committee members felt it was a little advanced for a basic computer course.

The committee complimented them on their dedication to their discipline.

Retail Management Certificate, 33-34 credits

This new certificate was presented by Cheryl Scott and Nancy Wilder. Industry has approach many Community Colleges about offering this less than one year certificate. Industry wants employees with more education. Some students who complete this certificate will receive tuition and book reimbursements from their employer. Each educational institution will have different required classes, but everyone has the same outcome. BA SAC will provide oversight for this certificate.

Tony motioned to recommend to EAC; Motion was seconded and approved recommendation.

Music Certificate Revision

Allen Jones explained why he would like to remove MUC 280B co-operative education seminar-1 credit as a requirement for certificate.

Mark motion of removal of MUC 280b from 1 year cert. Motion was seconded and approved for recommendation

AAS EMT-Paramedic Degree Program-

Paula Wilson and Kal Robertson explained a request to change prerequisite requirement. New prerequisite requirements would include BI 231 and BI 232. As a result of this change, students will now take BI233 in the first year and HPE 295 in the fourth term. The total credit is now 103.

Steve Motion to recommend (pending Curriculum Committee recommendation of course changes). Motion was seconded and approved for recommendation.

Minutes: Committee members reviewed and approved October minutes

OTM: Scott and Susanne presented the OTM drafts for discussion. Discussion was held around communication plan, ideas were made to strengthen the original draft. Final course selection was made for recommendation to the EAC. Rationale for course selection was to remain as close as possible to the AAOT and state intent for the OTM. Susanne and Scott will re-do draft and submit to committee members on-line before November EAC meeting.

Meeting adjourned 5:15pm