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Minutes April 2-2008

Degrees and Certificates Committee

April 2, 2008 2pm-4pm
Sylvania CC Conference Room

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher x Kathleen Bradach X Phil Christain
X Eriks Puris x Kendra Cawley Tony Zable
Michael Flaman x Anita Gibson X Dave Stout
X Loretta Goldy x Janeen Hull

Committee Support:

Committee support
x Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia x Rick Aman
X Steve Ward Stacey Timmins X Davonna Livingston


Fred Smith Leslie Hackett
Lori Gates Karen Jones
Rebecca Mathern Andrew Roessler

March 2008 minutes reviewed and approved as written

New Business:

Karen Jones from the PAV-TEC office provided an informational session on PCC’s Dual Credit Program. The Dual Credit Program provides high school students with the opportunity to earn college and high school credit for specific, pre-approved courses. PCC charges a fee for this service and is reimbursed from the state for the FTE. High School students do not pay tuition for the courses. Karen shared the process for approving high school instructors and high school courses as Dual Credit courses. Committee members asked several questions. Discussions centered around the PCC approval process, Perkins funding guidelines, and the advantages to students of this program.

Andrew Roessler from Pathways program provided an overview of the state initiative on Career Pathways. PCC’s 08-09 Catalog will designate certificates that have been approved by the state as Career Pathways Certificates. He provided sample CTE Roadmaps. Roadmaps are designed to provide to students an academic certificate and degree visual guide that correlates certificates and degrees to industry jobs.

Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) presented a new Career Pathway package in Industrial Maintenance. This package includes a Less Than One-Year Career Pathways Certificate, One- Year Certificate, and AAS Degree. Lori Bates and Fred Smith, from TBCC presented the material. These are certificates and degree requested by local industries, in particular Hampton and Stimson sawmills. Motion was made to recommend approval of both certificates and the AAS Degree. Motion passed.

Verna Reardon and Barb Kaufman, from CA/OS SAC, discussed a potential new certificate, Less than One- Year Certificate Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant is an emerging workforce area. The SAC’s requests a 3.0 grade point average as a certificate completion requirement. This request stimulated a discussion on Outcomes and Assessment, intent of the 3.0 grade point average, quality control, and the pros and cons of having a capstone course included in the certificate. Verna and Barb will discuss options with their SAC and return for the May meeting.

Meeting adjourned 4:15pm