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Minutes 5-3-2006

Degrees and Certificates Committee

May 3, 2006
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Room A

Committee Members:

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher Chair Mark Hagen Dave Stout
X Lucinda Eshleman X Nancy Wilder X Tony Zable
X Linda Gettman X Eriks Puris X Jennifer Bowers

Committee Support:

Committee support
x Amy Alday-Murray Scott Huff X Rick Aman

Susanne called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

Minutes: April 2006 minutes reviewed by committee and seconded. April minutes approved.

New Business

Revision: Ophthalmic Medical Technology

Ophthalmic Medical Technology program coursework includes BI 55, a four credit biology course that is not considered collegiate level. An AAS degree may contain non-collegiate level courses, but those courses can not be counted as part of the minimum 90 credits needed for state approval. After discussing several course options, the committee approved the recommendation for inclusion of WR 121 as a required course into the AAS degree.

New: Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation Management (HTRM) AAS, 0ne-Year Certificate, Less-than One-Year Certificate

Lori Bates, Dean of Instruction at Tillamook Bay Community College, presented a request for a new AAS Degree, One-Year Certificate and Less-than One-Year Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management (HTRM) for Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC). Lori shared TBCC’s development process for this degree and certificate option, including formation of a HTRM SAC and collaboration with PCC’s BA SAC. There is strong support for this degree and certificate option among local community leaders and the K-12 system.

AAS Degree was approved for recommendation with the understanding that final course list be provided to the D/C committee members before the May 17th EAC meeting. Lori and Amy will organize approved courses in to categories, such as : Core Courses, Approved Electives, and Electives as approved by Program Advisor.

One-Year Certificate was approved for recommendation.

Less-than One-Year Certificate was approved for recommendation.

Discussion Items

High School Diploma Task Force

Linda Gettman asked Committee members for clarification on the charge of the High School Diploma Task Force. We agreed our charge was

  1. Set up a process to review our current HS Diploma in light of 3-4 credit conversion.
  2. Implement the process and bring back recommendations to the D/C committee

June Retreat

Committee members spent a few minutes discussing the June 20th retreat at Edgefield.

Logistics are: Time is 9a-4p., faculty will be paid a $100/stipend unless counting this day as a NI day in the contract, lunch and snacks will be provided; Staff/Org Development Funds support the event.

Retreat agenda is still under design. Susanne shared that the intent was to have time with the Curriculum Committee members and to also have separate time. Some potential agenda items presented were: Related Instruction, Overview of all our degrees and their “unique” characteristics, HS Diploma. We will brainstorm some other agenda items at our June meeting

Meeting adjourned at 4pm.