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Minutes 12-1-2004

Degrees and Certificates Committee

December 1, 2004
Sylvania Campus, 3:30-5:00 pm
TLC Conference Room

Present: Lucinda Eshleman, Amy Alday-Murray, Tony Zable, Susanne Christopher, Mark Hagen, Dave Stout

1. After a conference call with Susan Wolff, the committee recommended for approval Columbia Gorge’s proposed changes to their entrance and Gen Ed requirements for the Nursing Program. (The entrance requirement of CAS 131 was dropped, and the Gen Ed requirement replaced PSY 240 with PSY 215.)

2. Minutes of November 3 meeting were approved as amended.

3. Feedback on Proposal sent to EAC regarding effects of 3 to 4 credit conversion on degrees:

Slight changes were made and posted to the EAC web site. EAC will vote on them at the next meeting.

4. Susanne told us about her plans for reviewing the Gen Ed course list and the AAOT distribution requirements. She’ll be working on these lists and coming up with recommendations for us to consider when she returns from her leave at the end of January.

5. We talked about who would take over leadership of the committee in Susanne’s absence. First we need someone to represent us at the next EAC meeting (December 15th at Sylvania). Lucinda Eshleman will represent us there.

We also need someone to run our January meeting. There are two programs bringing in proposals. EET and Machine Tech will be making proposals, and there may be others. Aviation Science faculty want to talk with us about whether or not they must adhere to the requirement that a student’s last 9 credits must be program credits, rather than Gen Ed. Mark Hagen agreed to chair the January meeting of our committee (January 5th at Sylvania, CT 219 Conference Room, 3-5 pm).

Tony Zable will represent us at the January EAC meeting (January 19th at Cascade).

6. Members of the committee were unanimous in wishing Susanne well on her medical leave.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05.

Minutes submitted by Dave Stout, 12/1/04