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Minutes 2-6-2008

Degrees and Certificates Committee

February 6, 2008 2pm-4pm
Sylvania CC Conference Room

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher x Kathleen Bradach X Phil Christain
X Eriks Puris x Kendra Cawley Tony Zable
x Michael Flaman x Anita Gibson X Dave Stout
X Loretta Goldy x Janeen Hull

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia Rick Aman
X Steve Ward Stacey Timmins X Davonna Livingston


Scott Huff
Richard Willebrand Katrina Cloud
Rebecca Mathern Steve Smith

New Business: New way of doing business. Davonna will now be sitting next to Susanne and we will no longer be using the overhead projection system in an effort to streamline things for everyone.

Minutes from January: Reviewed. Eriks Purvis recommended and Dave seconded for recommendation. Minutes approved as written.

BCT-AAS (Revision) Certificate Design/Build Remodeling Option-Spencer Hinkle Substituting co-op education and eliminate BCT 280 and add 206 and BA 238 (3 credits). Total credits remain the same. Dave Stout recommended Eriks Purvis seconded for recommendation to approve revision changes. Motion passed.

Trade Extensions: Katrina Cloud-Rick Willebrand-Kate Dins

Katrina, Rick, and Kate presented several new AAS degrees and certificates that reflect two years of state work to establish a State wide pathways in Apprenticeship Programs.

(New) AAS Degree-Construction Trades, General Apprenticeship-Minimum of 16 General Education, 18 related training, the remaining credits to be made up with on the job training to reach a minimum total of 90 credits. Eriks recommended to approve, Loretta seconded to approve for recommendation the new AAS degree. Motion approved.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Manual Apprenticeship Trades-Minimum of 18 related training credits-Kathleen recommended approving, Kendra seconded for recommendation. Motion approved.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Construction Trades, General- Apprenticeship –tabled until March meeting

(New) AAS Degree- Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies- New AAS Statewide degree, PCC’s version of the state requirements are: A minimum of 16 general education, minimum of 18 related training; plus a minimum of required training and electives to equal 90 credits. Michael recommended to approve recommendation of this new AAS Degree; Kendra seconded the recommendation. Motion to recommend new degree passed.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies –Tabled until next month per Steve Smith. Okay to allow for time for catalog information.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Limited Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies – Minimum of 18 credits of related training. Janeen motioned to approved, Eriks seconded for recommendation. Motion approved to recommend new certificate.

(New) AAS Degree in Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology Apprenticeship – Minimum of 16 General Education, 18 related training, remaining credits to come from on the job training to make up 90 credits for AAS degree. Motion to recommend approval for the new AAS degree was made and passed.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Mechanical Maintenance Apprenticeship – minimum 18 credits in related training. Motion to recommend approval for the new certificate was made and passed.

(New) Certificate of Completion in Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Tech Apprenticeship – Tabled until March meeting.

(Revision) Radiology AAS Radiologic Technology-Gayle Wright- Drop Advanced Radiographic Procedures, RAD 209 for 4 credits and replace with Advanced Radiographic Procedures, RAD 209, 2 credits, and RAD 203 for 2 credits. Janeen recommended approving this revision, Eriks seconded for recommendation. Motion approved to recommend revision.

(New) AAS Degree Option in Microelectronics Technology: Solar Industrial Manufacturing Technology – Dorina Cornea-Hasegan – This is a new degree option for the existing Manufacturing Technology AAS Degree. “Solar World” company in Washington County, the largest solar cell manufacturing in the USA, has requested this degree option. The new option deletes MT 100 and replaces it with MT 101, 102 and 104 at one credit each. In addition, CH 104 replaces CH 221 and CH 222. Total credits: 96. . Loretta recommended approving the new AAS Degree option. Eriks seconded the recommendation. Motion approved, contingent on Curriculum Committee approval of MT 101, 102 and 104.

(Revision) AAS Microelectronics Degree – Dorina Cornea-Hasegan – Removing MT100 three credits and adding MT 101, 102 and 103 at one credit each. Kendra recommended approving the revision, Eriks seconded. Motion approved pending the approval of the Curriculum Committee.

(New) AAS Option in Electronic Engineering Technology: Wireless and Data Communication Engineering Technology – Sanda Williams – New option to the existing EET AAS Degree. Option adds CIS 188, 179, 189, 278 and eliminates PHY 201, 202, 203 for a new total of 107 credits. Loretta recommended approving the new AAS option, Kendra seconded. Motion approved to recommended new AAS Degree option.

(Revision) AAS Degree Biomedical Engineering Technology – Sanda Williams – Withdrawn with SAC request: Already has been approved in May 2007.

(Revision) AAS Degree Electronic Engineering Technology – Sanda Williams – Dropping MTH 111 as a prerequisite and adding MTH 95. Program has found that MTH 95 is the correct level for entry. Kendra recommended, Janeen seconded for recommendation the revision. Motion approved revision.

(Revision) AVS AAS Airplane (Flight Instructor Specialization) – Katie Leonard –

Eliminate AVS 240. AVS 245, and add AVS 241, AVS242. Total credits remain the same. Reason for change is the flexibility for students. Janeen recommended, Eriks seconded recommendation for degree revision. Motion approved.

(Revision) AAS Biotechnology Laboratory Technician – Kendra Cawley – BioTech has been in a three-year suspension. PCC is brining the AAS degree back. Change the title to Bioscience Technology and approve new course work. Eriks recommended, Janeen seconded for recommendation degree revisions. Motion approved revisions.

(New) Bioscience Technology Certificate: Biotechnician, 13 credits – Kendra Cawley – New certificate of completion to support Bioscience Pathway and the reinstated Bioscience Program. Eriks motioned a recommendation for approval. Loretta seconded. Motion approved to recommend the new certificate.