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Minutes 12-7-2005

Degrees and Certificates Committee

December 7, 2005
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Rooms B

Committee Members:

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher, Chair X Mark Hagen Dave Stout
X Lucinda Eshleman Steve Lepschat Tony Zable
X Linda Gettmann X Eriks Puris

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray X Stacey Timmins/Debbi Lomax X Scott Huff

Susanne called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm.

Everyone introduced themselves followed by a welcome from Susanne. Dave Stout has been sick and is not attending today. Steve Lepschat is no longer with the college and will no longer attend. Renee Thomas will be contacted to fill vacant spots from Rock Creek. Scott Huff did attend the November meeting although he was not noted as being present.

Susanne announces that the group will have to meet the first Wednesday of next term to meet the EAC deadlines.

Architecture Certificate Revision discussion with Elizabeth Metcalf is moved to January meeting.

Kitchen and Bath Design Certificate discussion with JoAnn Thomas is moved to January meeting.

Minutes: November minutes reviewed by committee and seconded.

November minutes approved.

New Business
Drafting Technology Certification

Mark Hagen spoke about the Drafting Technology Design Program and course title changes for the 06-07 certificate. DRF 135 Advanced Drafting 1 changes to Advanced Drafting. DRF 185 AutoCAD Inventor Fundamentals changes to AutoCAD Inventor Level I. DRF 270 Beginning SolidWorks changes to SolidWorks Level I. DRF 285 AutoCAD Inventor Advanced changes to AutoCAD Inventor Level II. DRF 137 Advanced Drafting II course material is distributed to DRF 133 and DRF 251. Forty three credits are required for the 05-06 certificate
and remains forty three credits required for the 06-07 certificate.

Certificate requirements language for 06-07 will say that students new to the certificate program must take the college’s placement examination for math and writing prior to program advising and registration. Mark states that this would enable instructors to get a better feel for where the student is on these subjects and can better advise.

The statement “the following courses may be used to supplement the certificate: MCH 158 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing and CMET 241 Structural Detail Drafting” would be deleted from the 06-07 certificate language. Also, for the 06-07 certification for first term, DRF 244 Drafting Mathematics would no longer be required. Mark states that it would be done better in the second term. Mark also states that it is possible to use Hybrid and Distance Learning type classes in the third term.

On the “math by competency exam” should change on Drafting Technology and Design to reflect this change. An example of the language change is that “math requirements will be satisfied by successful completion of MTH 65 competency exam or a completion of MTH 65 or higher by the end of the first term.”

Mark confirms that this is acceptable and will include it in certificate requirements. Susanne motions and group agrees to table further discussion and move it to the January meeting pending completed online Curriculum Completion Degree/Certificate Revision form from Mark.


Committee members discussed EAC’s additional questions/concerns. Scott will send note to the CIA and craft the answers for the January meeting. Susanne will report next week at the EAC that we had our December meeting, answers the questions/concerns that we could and will await state input on the others. The hope is that we will have a complete report for the January EAC.

Meeting adjourned 2:55pm.dll