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ENGR – Engineering Transfer Instructor Qualifications

Faculty may qualify as ENGR instructors through one of the following options.


Hold a master’s degree in engineering,


Hold a master’s degree in physical science or mathematics, and have completed at least 30 quarter hours of graduate credit in engineering.


Demonstrated Competency

Hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering plus registration as Professional Engineer.


Demonstrated Competency for specific courses

For the following teaching assignments, have a high level of demonstrable competency gained through a combination of study, teaching experience, and/or professional performance in the subject area, or have the qualifications set by the licensing or accrediting organization for the subject area (for example, for ENGR 226, registration as a Professional Land Surveyor).  This qualification option may be used for the courses listed below:

  • ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering (survey course for non-majors)
  • ENGR 101 Engineering Fundamentals (lab only)
  • ENGR 102 Engineering Graphics
  • ENGR 171 Introduction to Digital Logic Design (lab only)
  • ENGR 221, 222, 223 Electrical Circuits (lab only)
  • ENGR 226 Plane Surveying
  • ENGR 231 Materials Science (lab only)
  • ENGR 271 Digital Logic Design (lab only)
  • ENGR 262 Manufacturing Processes (lab only)

Provisional Approval

An instructor without a Masters degree may be approved if they have 30 quarter hours of graduate credit in the subject area and are actively pursuing the degree and are anticipated to be awarded the degree within six months of hire, as determined by the instructor’s graduate advisor (a letter from the advisor will be required and kept on file.)

Approved: November 2012