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HST – History Instructor Qualifications

Master’s in History or, for specialty courses only (see examples listed below), 30 quarter hours of graduate credit in history with a completed Master’s degree in a related area including, but not limited to, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Russian and Eastern European Studies, Latin American Studies, Women’s Studies, Black Studies, American Indian Studies or Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

HST 204 US Women: Pre-colonial to 1877 – Women’s Studies
HST 205 US Women: 1877 to Present  – Women’s Studies
HST 218 Native American Indian History – American Indian Studies
HST 225 Hst of Women, Sex, & The Family – Women’s Studies
HST 250 African American History to 1877 – Black Studies
HST 251 African American History since 1877 – Black Studies
HST 270 History of Mexico – Latin American Studies
HST 278 Russian History I – Russian and Eastern European Studies
HST 279 Russian History II – Russian and Eastern European Studies
HST 284 History of Africa – Black Studies
HST 285 The Holocaust – Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Some course numbers and titles revised: 1/23/2018

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