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ATH – Anthropology Instructor Qualifications

ATH Requirements

ATH Instructor

(This is the final description in a series of discussions about faculty qualifications. MS)

  • MA Degree in Anthropology or a Ph.D. in Anthropology specializing in one of the following sub-fields:
    biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology or linguistics. The SAC recognizes that individuals with a MA degree in Anthropology may not have a sub-Field specialty listed on their transcript. However, a review of MA candidate’s coursework, thesis topic and vita should show that their graduate education is centered about at least one of the above sub fields.
  • Two years experience teaching anthropology at an accredited college or university. (This experience may include graduate student teaching experience or part time assignments.)
  • Graduate–level training and coursework in ethnographic methods social research or laboratory methods/analysis, or the equivalent of one-year academic experience in the field. (This experience may include graduate school projects such as summer work in field school environments).
  • For ethnographic area or topical area, specific courses (like ATH 210, 211,230,231, 232, or 214) faculty, must have both graduate level academic preparation (minimum 9 credit hours or 6 semester hours) in the specialty area to be taught, as well one year of field experience focused on the ethnographic area or topic to be taught.

Revised Date: 10/30/2001