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HST – History Instructor Qualifications

HST Instructor Qualifications’ page prior to January 23, 2018 (old course numbers)

Master’s in History or, for specialty courses only (see examples listed below), 30 quarter hours of graduate credit in history with a completed Master’s degree in a related area including, but not limited to, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Russian and Eastern European Studies, Latin American Studies, Women’s Studies, Black Studies, American Indian Studies or Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Revised: 2/5/2010

HST Instructor Qualifications prior to February 2010

Masters in History or closely related field with SAC approval as a minimum. Previously the qualifications were to have an earned Masters in History. Because of the broad nature of history, the SAC will under limited circumstances consider academic expertise and experience in other closely related fields in order to staff particular courses with the best available candidate.

Revised Date: 2/17/2003

Offsite Instructor’s, (Specifically those teaching AP history course at the high school level under the auspices of PCC)


Master’s degree in history. Current instructor would be grandfathered in. Master’s degree in teaching or in other social science field will not suffice.

Revised Date: 4/12/2000

Instructor for HST 202 and HST 203

Master’s degree in history with 24 graduate hours in U.S History and /or three years experience teaching U.S. History.

Revised Date: 5/11/1992

Specialty Courses in History

Master’s degree in History with 24 graduate hours in the specialty subject and/or three year experience teaching the specialty subject.