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AMT – Aviation Maintenance Technology Instructor Qualifications

AMT Instructor Requirements

Current FAA Mechanic Certificate with both Airframe and Powerplant ratings AND

Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology or other related technical service field, AND a minimum of five (5) years experience with both the Airframe and Powerplant mechanic certificate ratings as indicated by 14 CFR Part 65.83;


At least eight (8) years experience with both the Airframe and Powerplant mechanic certificate rating as indicated by 14 CFR Part 65.83 (could include a combination of experience as an A&P mechanic, A&P mechanic lead/supervisor, and/or mechanic training instructor).

*Part time Instructors: An AMT Instructor presenting a certificate with a single rating will be limited to teaching only the subject material related to that rating. The above AMT Instructor education and experience requirements still apply appropriately to the single rating.

Related Instruction

The following list of AMT classes include Embedded Related Instruction in Computation, Communications, and Human Relations. Additional requirements to teach these courses are:

  • Computation: Math 60 or tested into higher than Math 60.
  • Communication: Writing 121 or Writing 227 OR demonstrated writing competency with a professional writing sample.
  • Human Relations: Documented 2 years’ of supervisory work experience or served in a customer service/support/management position.
Class / Course Computation Communication Human Relations
AMT 101 X X
AMT 102 X X
AMT 105 X X
AMT 106 X X X
AMT 107 X X X
AMT 115 X X X
AMT 117 X
AMT 120 X X X
AMT 121 X
AMT 203 X X
AMT 204 X X
AMT 208 X X X
AMT 212 X X
AMT 213 X X X

Approved: April 12, 2021

AMT Instructor Qualifications Prior to April 2021

The AMT SAC also has responsibility for the UAS – Unoccupied Aerial Systems Instructor Qualifications.