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CH – Chemistry Instructor Qualifications ARCHIVE

CH Instructor Qualifications prior to November 2011

Part-time Instructors

In order for a part-time instructor to qualify to teach a college credit Chemistry course, they must have a Master’s degree in the subject area or Master’s degree in related area plus 30 quarter hours of graduate credit in subject area. The department chair can make the final determination about the applicability of a particular degree to teaching a chemistry course.

The subject area Chemistry is a very diverse field. In October 2004, the Chemistry SAC approved the following list of disciplines as offering graduate degrees that should be considered to be in the subject area of Chemistry.

  • Material Science
  • Toxicology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Toxicology*
  • Pharmacology*
  • Environmental Science*
  • Chemical Education
  • Physical Sciences

Other degrees outside the scope of this list should be reviewed by the SAC.

* A review of transcripts with 30 hours of graduate chemistry is required.

This list is likely to expand. There are clearly other titles of departments across the nation that gives degrees in Chemistry.

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