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NAS: Native American Studies

First – Academic Credential

NAS Instructors must possess appropriate academic credentials by holding one of the following degrees:

  1. A masters or doctorate degree in interdisciplinary Native American Studies
  2. A masters or doctorate degree in interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies with an emphasis on Native American Studies;
  3. A JD with an emphasis in American Indian Law;
  4. A masters or doctorate degree in a traditional academic discipline – Art, Music, Literature, Linguistics, Social Work, Public Health, Biology, Environmental Science, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, etc. – plus a clear record of academic coursework, teaching, and/or publication in the field of Native American Studies such as:
    • instructor of record for two or more college-level courses in NAS or equivalent; or
    • primary author of two or more publications focusing on Native/Indigenous studies;
    • creator of published works of Indigenous arts; or
    • at least two years formal study of an Indigenous language with a representative of a Native nation; or
    • at least 16 quarter credits or the equivalent of upper division or graduate coursework in NAS or equivalent.

Second – Cultural Relations and Engagement

Because it is important that NAS instructors are accountable to Native students and communities, NAS Instructors must have a demonstrated and documentable connection to, and an ongoing commitment to working with, Native American / Indigenous communities. Evidence of this should include a letter from someone who represents a Native community, for example:

  • a Native nation / government (e.g., councilors from a Native government, employees of a Native nation); or
  • an urban Native community organization (e.g., NAYA or NARA here in Portland, similar organizations in other cities, Native nation satellite communities); or
  • an academic Native community (e.g., directors of NAS or the equivalent at universities, instructors of NAS or the equivalent, directors of Native American student development).

** “Academic Credentials” can be subject to the Demonstrated Competency process.

** “Cultural Relations and Engagement” cannot be subject to the Demonstrated Competency process.