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College is more than just a place to take classes. It's a place to find the support you need to make big changes in your life. Support can come in the form of childcare that frees up time for homework. A basketball game that helps you unwind. A study group that becomes a support group. An activism workshop where you discover a career passion. Everyone needs a little help: find something below that can help you.

Not sure where to start? Find activities and assistance through your local ASPCC office.

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The secret life of successful students: studies show that students who are involved on campus - even for just 1 hour/week - get better grades and have an easier time finding jobs after college.

Did you know? More than ½ of community college students struggle with food insecurity. There's help available at every PCC campus.


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Joining student government will be the best years of your life!Lisa Heinsdale, Student Leader, Cascade QRC

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Did you know?Did you know? More than 45% of all degree-seeking students at PCC are the first in their families to go to college.

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The ASPCC is the student government at PCC. Our goal is to improve student life. Stop by and share your challenges and ambitions. We might know how to help!

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