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Lactation rooms

lactation room iconPCC supports breastfeeding and welcomes nursing mothers to our campuses. Women are welcome to breastfeed anywhere on campus as long as they are comfortable. They also are invited to use these designated private spaces set aside for nursing mothers.

Lactation room locations

PCC currently has 11 lactation spaces available to students, staff and visitors. Each of the lactation rooms provides private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse. Most of these spaces are equipped with a comfortable chair, a small table and an electrical outlet.

Many lactation room locations can also be found on the Accessible building features map.

  • Cascade Hall 110. Call Public Safety to open the room: 971-722-4902.
  • Jackson Hall, Floor 1, across from room JH 111.
  • Student Union, Floor 3. Ask at any third floor office for the key.
CLIMB Center
  • Floor 1, Health Professions File Room.
Downtown Center
  • Floor 3, Next to room 318.
Newberg Center
  • Near vending machines, labelled “Comfort Room”.
  • Mt. Tabor Hall, Room 124a. To obtain a key, contact:
    • Career Exploration Center, Mount Tabor Hall, Room 147
    • Women’s Resource Center, Mount Tabor Hall, Room 148
    • Student Life and Leadership, Mount Tabor Hall, Room 152
    • Between hours of 7-8am and 4-10pm, contact Public Safety at 971-722-4902 or Mount Tabor Room 153
  • Want to reserve the room on a reoccurring basis? Use the reservation request.

If you notice problems or maintenance needs, let us know at wrc@pcc.edu[opens in new window].

  • Technology Classroom Building, Floor 3. Contact Sandy Koester in TCB 312 to access the room.
  • College Center, Room 272. Room is generally unlocked, but contact Public Safety if not: 971-722-4902.
  • Health Technology, 1st floor women’s bathroom. There is a private space reserved for nursing mothers in the lobby of the restroom.
Rock Creek
  • Building 5, Room 218. Ask for the key at the information desk in Building 5 on the first floor.
Willow Creek
  • Floor 2, Room 203, across from the elevator.

Each lactation room is operated by the specific campus or center facilities team. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but occasionally information changes without our knowledge.