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Student Life and Leadership programsFeeling left out on campus? Don’t know where to go? Want to get involved, but don’t know how? Head to your campuses Student Leadership Office to find out how to get involved today!

Student Leadership Programs offer a multitude of different jobs for one academic year. Learn leadership skills, make a difference, have fun, earn college credit and get paid while working in a Student Leadership Position. We organize campus clubs & organizations, legislative activities and programs, student representation on college committees, social justice programs, social events and activities, history/heritage celebrations, voter registration, and much more.

We Are Hiring for the 2022/2023 Academic Year

Make college more than a classroom! Get paid while you engage, represent, and advocate with your peers at Portland Community College (PCC). Student Life & Leadership offers a multitude of job opportunities for one academic year. Learn and develop leadership skills, explore your vocation, make a difference, and have fun while working and completing classes at Portland Community College. Student leaders work as representatives of the college and promote a safe, equitable, inclusive campus to support student success.

Student Life & Leadership offer positions that will provide you with experience and. education designed to prepare you for entering the workforce with an emphasis on leadership development with a framework centered on experiential learning. The following focus areas are hiring for academic year 2022-2023:



These positions are designed to work with your student schedule and pay $14.75 per hour or provide a leadership grant for compensation. Hours per week vary per center/program (~10-15 hours). Qualifications also vary, but typically include the following requirements:

  • Students enrolled at Portland Community College in at least 6 credits per term for the duration of the position.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Participate in mandatory student training(s) that will begin in September and Fall Term. Exact dates are listed on specific job descriptions.

Note: Applicants’ academic and disciplinary records (from PCC ONLY) will be reviewed before positions are offered and we may reach out with follow up questions as needed.

APPLY HERE except for ASPCC Senate who should apply here.


Please plan to complete the application in one sitting. We recommend reviewing the application and collecting all needed information before beginning.

  1. Allow at least 1 hour for this general application and attach supplemental materials 
  2. Be prepared to upload the following materials:
    1. Required:Cover letter explaining your interest in the position(s)
    2. Optional: Resume

Once you submit the general application, you will move to complete specific supplemental questions based on the program(s) you have applied to work for.

  •  If you select(ed) more than one position/program, then expect to. complete supplemental questions for each focus area/program you are interested in working for. Supplemental questions for each center/program are designed in short answer or essay format. Allow at least 30 minutes to complete the supplemental focus area/program specific questions. It is recommended that students develop their responses on a separate document and then cut/paste those responses on the application.
  • Currently, supplemental questions are only included in this application for Sustainability Leadership & Basic Needs focus areas and Student Governance. Supplemental questions for Student Engagement  and Civic Leadership Development will be available at a later date.  

For best consideration: Complete the application and supplemental questions for the and apply by Wednesday, August 31 at 5:00 PM. Questions?  Please email student-life-info-group@pcc.edu


Students are at the center of PCC’s 2021-25 Strategic Plan. Learn about the blueprint for our future and the priorities that will propel the college forward.


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