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Student Life and Leadership programsFeeling left out on campus? Don’t know where to go? Want to get involved, but don’t know how? Head to your campuses Student Leadership Office to find out how to get involved today!

Student Leadership Programs offer a multitude of different jobs for one academic year. Learn leadership skills, make a difference, have fun, earn college credit and get paid while working in a Student Leadership Position. We organize campus clubs & organizations, legislative activities and programs, student representation on college committees, social justice programs, social events and activities, history/heritage celebrations, voter registration, and much more.

Students are at the center of PCC’s 2021-25 Strategic Plan. Learn about the blueprint for our future and the priorities that will propel the college forward.


signAdvertising & Vending

Submit your Potty Press, Digital Signage, bulletin board, or vending request.

clipboard checkExpressive conduct policy

Learn about reserving space at PCC for a free speech or expressive conduct activity.

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