Student Engagement


Empower all students to build community and a sense of belonging at PCC.


Every PCC student discovers community, belonging, purpose, and success.


Student Engagement supports a sense of belonging and holistic growth through leadership development and engagement opportunities. We connect the academic and personal goals of all PCC students by offering equitable and inclusive:

  • Academic honor societies
  • Events and activities
  • Student Organization and Club programs
  • Transformative leadership programs


  • Social Justice and Belonging – Acknowledge the value of each member of a mutually-created community. Foster a sense of agency and responsibility to disrupt the systems of oppression that create barriers.
  • Equity and Access – Ensure equitable access for all abilities and lived experiences. Extend beyond the broader meanings of compliance to confront implicit and explicit structures and policies that bar access.
  • Curiosity and Growth – Encourage brave engagement and life-long learning. Offer co-curricular activities for personal development rooted in critical thinking.
  • Collaboration and Humility – Acknowledge the value of partnerships with students and campus groups to elevate marginalized experiences. Recognize the limitations of our positionality within systems of power and the need for many perspectives to enact meaningful change.
  • Community and Fun – Promote playful experiences and spaces to cultivate connection and creativity.

These values guide both the goals and processes of Student Engagement through education, support, awareness, integrity, advocacy, and allocation of resources.

Value definitions informed by PCC’s Office of Equity & Inclusion.

Campus events and activities

PCC Student Life & Leadership wants you to get and stay connected! Building community and connection with each other is important and a great way to get connected with students from different backgrounds and perspectives! Whether you are engaging with us through our social media or attending a live event on campus, we are here to support your educational and social growth throughout your college experience.

A great way to get connected with us is through PantherHub. PantherHub is PCC’s online community that helps departments, programs, and clubs stay connected and share information.