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Digital Signage

Flat-screen digital signs have been installed across the district in order to serve as electronic bulletin boards. The management of this program is a collaboration between Student Life and Leadership, Information Technology, and Media Services. To request that an item be posted, complete the form below at least 5 days in advance to permit time to gather additional information if necessary.

If you have event information that you would like to have posted but do not have a design yet, we have created a Digital Signage Template for your convenience.

Terms and conditions

Please review our terms and conditions listed below before submitting your posting request. You will be asked to agree to these in the submission form.

Who may post?

College staff, faculty, departments, recognized student organizations, and PCC-affiliated community partners may submit material for posting. Each item must be approved and may only be posted by authorized personnel in the Student Leadership Office or the Facilities Office.

Approved submissions will be posted for up to 3 weeks. Event-related postings will be removed after the date of the event. Slides will be displayed for 30 seconds before transitioning to the next image. Slides are posted in a random order so sequential slide posting is not currently available.

Content Guidelines

Submissions should:

  • Include date(s), time, and specific location(s) of activity
  • Be in landscape orientation (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Include the identity and contact information of the sponsoring group, individual, or College department
  • Contact information for PCC Accessibility Services ( // 971-722-4341 )
  • Comply with the college’s free expression guidelines
  • Use open-source or fair-use materials
  • Use large, legible, and accessible fonts (Ex: Helvetica, Courier, Arial, Verdana)
  • Include a QR code in place of a URL when applicable

The Student Leadership Office reserves the right to edit, accept, or deny any submitted items.

Examples of What Will be Accepted
  1. Event information for upcoming activities sponsored or coordinated by any Portland Community College department or recognized student organizations/clubs
  2. Emergency information. Emergency information will be posted in accordance with policy established in the Crisis Management and Prevention Plan
  3. Announcements relating to significant student or faculty/staff achievements, awards or accomplishments, or results of academic or athletic competitions
  4. Upcoming deadline information for registration, nominations, scholarship applications, event reservations, etc., for approved programs
  5. Information about programs, courses, or services available to students or faculty
  6. Welcoming statements for special guests or groups visiting the campus
What Will Not Be Accepted
  • Material that violates College policy, local ordinance, state or federal law
  • Classified ads (cars/apartments/bicycles/computers, etc.)
  • Personal messages (one person to another)
  • Political statements endorsing local, statewide, or national elections

Submit Digital Signage Content

View Digital Signage Content – Accessibility Site

Do you want to review what content is displayed across the district? Did the content on a display change before you were able to read it? Now you’re able to view all of the content we have displayed across the district thanks to our Digital Signage accessibility website! Content that is uploaded to the displays will be available on the site immediately, in addition to the signage’s plain text that is designed to meet accessibility needs.

Posting/Bulletin Boards

Community bulletin boards: Each PCC campus will provide at least two bulletin boards available for use by members of the public and college community to post information regarding opportunities or services for PCC students or members of the PCC community. Flyers or information posted on community bulletin boards cannot be larger than 8 1⁄2 x 11 in order to allow room for other flyers to be viewed. All posts on community bulletin boards will be removed at the end of each month by PCC staff.