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Advertising and Vending

Potty Press

The Potty Press is “The Other Toilet Paper” in the bathrooms. It is a great resource for getting all the information you need about upcoming events & activities around campus. They are posted in the stalls of the bathrooms, and they are also available in the Student Leadership offices. We publish Potty Press biweekly to promote upcoming events during each term.

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently publishing Potty Press.

Digital Signage

Flat Screen Digital Signs have been installed at Cascade, Sylvania, Southeast and Rock Creek Campuses in order to serve as electronic bulletin boards. These were installed as an ASPCC initiative. To request that an item to be posted, complete the items below at least 5 days in advance to permit time to gather additional information if necessary.

Terms and conditions

Click the items below to learn about our terms and conditions. You will be asked to agree to these in the submission form.

Who may post?

College staff members and recognized student organizations may submit material for posting. Each item must be approved and may only be posted by authorized personnel in the Student Leadership Office or the Facilities Office.

Items submitted from groups or individuals not affiliated with the College will be reviewed on a case by case basis. There may be a charge for posting or advertising fee for a group or an individual not affiliated with the College.

Content Guidelines

In order to be approved, material must:

  • Have correct spelling and punctuation
  • Include date(s), time, and specific location(s) of activity
  • Identify the sponsoring group, individual, or College department
  • Must comply with the approved posting policy.

The following types of material will not be posted:

  • Material that violates College policy, affirmative action, local ordinance, state or federal law
  • Political endorsement or partisan political material
  • Material that contains libelous or obscene language or pictures
  • Personal Ads

The Student Leadership Office reserves the right to edit, accept or deny any submitted items.

What Will Be Accepted
  1. Event information for upcoming activities sponsored or coordinated by the ASPCC, or any Portland Community College department
  2. Event information for upcoming activities sponsored or coordinated by recognized student organizations/clubs
  3. Event information for activities to be held in or at the campus but hosted or sponsored by an unaffiliated organization renting campus facilities or using Free Speech areas
  4. Emergency information. Emergency information will be posted in accordance with policy established in the Crisis Management and Prevention Plan
  5. Announcements relating to significant student or faculty/staff achievements, awards or accomplishments, or results of academic or athletic competitions (congratulatory listing of winners)
  6. Changes in timing or location of regularly scheduled classroom activities or special events, including street closings and parking procedures
  7. Upcoming deadline information for registration, nominations, scholarship applications, event reservations, etc., for approved programs
  8. Information on new programs, courses, or services available to students or faculty
  9. Welcoming statements for special guests or groups visiting the campus
What Will Not Be Accepted
  • No classified ads (cars/apartments/bicycles/computers, etc.)
  • No personal messages (one person to another)
  • No political statements relating to local, statewide or national elections


Due to COVID-19, we are not currently accepting Digital Signage requests.



Due to COVID-19, we are not currently accepting vendors.

Posting/Bulletin Boards


Due to COVID-19, we are not currently accepting postings.