Student Government – ASPCC

Associated Students of Portland Community College

The values of the Associated Students of Portland Community College

  • Equity; Promote equity and inclusion
  • Leadership; Build leadership capacity for students
  • Community; Facilitate community across campuses
  • Growth; Foster the growth of students
  • Sustainability; Nurture environmental stewardship and accountability to future generations

Equity Statement

ASPCC representatives recognize that many underrepresented students such as; Black students, Indigenous students, students of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, military and veteran students, low-income students, first-generation students, students with all height/weight ratios, previously incarcerated students, non-traditional aged students, international students, students who are undocumented/DACAmented, students who are parents/caregivers, trauma survivors and students of all religious backgrounds, or beliefs– regardless of sex/sexual identity as well as many more student demographics not listed here who have historically been and continue to be, underserved in higher education. ASPCC wishes to provide unwavering support to these diverse populations and recognizes that student leadership programs – such as ASPCC – have not always been positioned to truly serve these communities equitably.

As an ever-developing and ever-evolving organization, ASPCC seeks to serve these groups in a fair and equitable manner – to elevate them to power, provide fair access, erase the disparity gaps they suffer, and highlight their voices wherever possible. We will be committed to advocating for the diverse needs of students by being available to students. ASPCC believes to do so requires holding each other accountable, encouraging growth through sharing knowledge, lived experiences, and in a non-judgmental and welcoming environment. To promote change by engaging in a culture unafraid of calling out hate speech involving gender inequities, racism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, groups experiencing religious oppression like islamophobia and anti-semiticism, colorism, anti-blackness, anti-indigenous, sexism, ablism and other harms towards these and other diverse identities.


Check out our ASPCC Constitution