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"In the Heights" by Lin-Manuel Miranda performed by the Sylvania Theatre Arts program in 2017. In foreground, actor Mason Congeyer as Benny surrounded by Lauren Hernandez-Lamont (upper left) as Carla, Brice Schmietenknop (lower left) as Vanessa, Hannah Thorton (middle right) as Daniela and Jade Tate as Nina Rosario. (Photo by James Hill.)

Actors performing on stage with arms raised in fists.

Music faculty Julianne Johnson and students, along with writing faculty Van Wheeler and Megan Savage, honor recently deceased writers and poets at Sylvania Creates in 2017. (Photo by Tatiana Gebert.)

People standing in front of an audience, singing and speaking.

Historian and artist Dr. Leslie King Hammond, speaking about the history of African American art at the 2015 Portland Women in Art Lecture series event. (Photo by Rachel Siegel.)

Scholar speaking in front of an audience, with a drawing of the Seneca Village projected on the screen in the background.

Artist Ellen Lesperance talking with PCC students about their work as part of the 2016 Portland Women in Art lecture series events. (Photo by Kelsey Birsa.)

Artist and two students sitting and looking at a group of paintings on easels.

John Farnum (right) with Neal Naigus at a Center for Civic Participation event in 2017. (Photo by Katherine Miller.)

Two instructors holding pieces of paper that explain the guidelines for the Center for Civic Participation discussions.

Student writers honored at the Groundswell literary symposium at Rock Creek in 2017.

Students standing around tables and others clapping for them.

Student papers presented at the Groundswell literary symposium in 2017.

Students sitting around tables listening to a presentation.

Listening to students reading poetry and short stories at Sylvania Creates in 2017.

Group of people sitting in chairs listening to a reader with works of art in the background.

Elizabeth Bilyeu's Honors Art History students presenting on Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque works of art at the Portland Art Museum on May 11, 2012.

Students standing in front of paintings with an audience sitting on chairs in front of them.
The PCC HARTS Initiative was founded in 2016 on the premise that the humanities and arts should be an essential component of education in the 21st century. Because the humanities and arts lie at the heart of every human culture, they are essential for understanding cultures and navigating differences. A central goal of the HARTS Initiative is to promote study in the humanities and arts as a pathway towards better communication and critical thinking skills, preparation for a broad variety of careers and most importantly a civically engaged life. Read the HARTS Mission and Vision Statement and learn about the HARTS Council.

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