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PCC Artist- and Writer-in-Residency Program

The HARTS Writer- and Artist-in-Residence Program was created in 2019 to document and give creative voice to the day-to-day and ongoing developments at the college. Each spring term applications are solicited for a writer and an artist from part-time faculty who are actively making new work in their genres or mediums, have some level of success in their genre or medium communities, and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to PCC’s mission and vision for more equitable student success rates and access. Residents, who are compensated for their work:

  • Engage with the PCC community while actively following college-wide dialogues and initiatives, the student experience, and milestone moments, especially those related to the One College for Equitable Student Success model, and the connections and intersections within and across the academic and career pathways.
  • Produce work in their genre that in some way reflects and captures the complex emotions and dynamics related to the unfolding realities at PCC. Some of the creative work may be included in administrative and public relations correspondence and postings. Some or most of it will be shared through the HARTS website and social media accounts, as well as through the galleries and other creative venues at the college.

From the residents