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Explore sustainability, build community, and strengthen your skills with the Student Sustainability Hub. Our programs are designed for students who want to create positive change on campus and beyond. Choose your own adventure and thrive!

Earth Week 2019

You belong! Join a club and to get in on sustainable actions across the district. Learn more about the Habitat Team, Cascade Environmental Justice Club, and more.

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Keep up with all the sustainability related events at PCC by adding our calendar to yours!

Students at farm stand

Learn about PCC’s Sustainability Focus Award or find green classes like HE264 Health, Food, and the Environment for the upcoming term.

learning garden in the spring

Come work with us! There are plenty of works study and part time jobs that involve sustainability at PCC!

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Get outside and help our Learning Gardens thrive or help restore important wildlife habitat!

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Learn more about sustainability related events around PCC under the Events tab below.

President Mitsui on panel at Climate Summit

Featured Campaign: Ban the Sale of Single Use Plastics!

Students are leading a campaign to ban the sale of single use plastics! Each campus has tabling sessions, film screenings and petition signings focused on cutting out plastic pollution at PCC. Learn more about the steps you and PCC can take, sign the PCC Plastic Bottle Ban petition and enter into a drawing for a 4Ocean recycled ocean plastic bracelet!

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Portlandia FarmStandia is back!!!
  • Rock Creek Campus, Every Tuesday 11:30 pm – 3:00 pm

You can find us every Tuesday, except for campus closures, from 11:30-3pm on the patio outside Building 5!
Will we have seedlings??? YES!!!


Seed to Supper!

Seed to Supper_PCCCascade




Looking to join the team of students, staff, and faculty who are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions? Opportunities for volunteering on sustainability projects at PCC pop up regularly, so check here for regular updates!

Sylvania Learning Garden Work Parties
  • PCC Sylvania, Learning Garden
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10:00am – noon

Take a break from classrooms and books and get your hands dirty! Join us in the Learning Garden (across from parking lot 14). Come for a few minutes or the whole time. Meet great people, find purpose in growing food for yourself and for others. Learn, share, teach. We will provide gloves, tools, and tasty snacks. Volunteers get to take home a portion of the day’s harvest! If you are interested in starting up the Organic Gardening Club, contact Venus at

Megan, Stella and Madi are working on planting our Learning Garden’s new terraced garden. It is full of natives, eatables, and fruit trees. Our goal is to provide food for wildlife and people as well as habitat enhancement. If you are interested in working with them on this or some other cool projects (Stella is working on “painting” moss on the cement blocks), Contact They will be down there regularly on Monday’s from 11am to noon.

Volunteer for Veggies at Rock Creek
  • Rock Creek, Learning Garden
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Rock Creek Learning Garden has volunteer sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Earn $5 credit per hour to buy fresh produce at Portlandia Farmstandia. More information is available at the Learning Garden’s Get Involved page.

Volunteer for Veggies at Newberg Center
  • Newberg Center, Learning Garden
  • Winter hours TBD

The Newberg Center Learning Garden would love for you to come and volunteer! Come for a half hour or longer. Meet great people, learn about growing food, pollinators, and what makes the learning garden special. We’ll provide gloves, tools, and snacks. Volunteers get to take home a portion of the day’s harvest! Contact Corrie at for more info.


Sustainability Focus Award

The Sustainability Focus award recognizes students who have completed a broad range of sustainability-related courses. The award is designed to encourage students to learn to see environmental issues from multiple perspectives and to increase their experience in this multi-disciplinary topic. The earning of this focus award can demonstrate to potential employers and transfer colleges that the student has a deep and broad understanding of sustainability issues.

Upcoming credit classes

The following classes in the Spring 2019 term include sustainability as a component of their curricula:

ARCH 113 Site Planning

ARCH 124 Intro. To Building Systems

ARCH 200 Principles of Arch. Design

ARCH 280 Cooperative Education: Architecture Design & Drafting

ATH 103 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

ATH 207 Cultural Anthropology: Cultural Concepts

AM 182 Engine Performance II

BA 150 Intro to Entrepreneurship

BA 280A Business Experience (CE)

BA 280B Business Experience – SEM (CE)

BA 285 Human Relations-Organizations

BCT 133 Commercial Materials & Methods

BCT 206 Sustainable Construction Practices

BI 101 Biology

BI 213 Principles of Biology

BI 141 Habitats: Life of the Forest

BI 143 Habitats: Fresh Water Biology

BI 163 Organic Gardening

BI 164 Bird ID & Ecology

BI 202 Botany

BI 213 Principles of Biology

COMM 140 Intro to Intercultural Comm

EC 221 Globalization & International Relations

ECE 186 Nature & Gardening

ESR 141 Individual Sustainability

ESR 171 Environ Science: Bio Perspect

ESR 172 Environ Science: Chem Perspect

ESR 173 Environ Science: Geolog Perspect

ESR 204 Intro to Env Restoration

G 184 Global Climate Change

GEO 105 Human Geography

GEO 106 World Regional Geography

GEO 215 Geography of Latin America

GEO 250 Geography of Africa

GRN 272 Therapeutic Garden

HE 251 Community and Public Health

HE 264 Food Systems and Public Health

HE 278 Human Health and Environment

ID 236 Lighting Design

ID 238 Advanced Kitchen & Bath Planning

LAT 103 Beekeeping

MSD 200 Organizations and Social Responsibility

MT 200 Semiconductor Processing

PHL 206 Intro. to Environmental Ethics

PS 205 Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation

PS 221 Globalization & International Relations

PS 280A Cooperative Education: Political Science

SOC 206 Social Problems

SOC 215 Social Issues & Movements

SOC 221 Globalization & International Relations

SOC 228 Intro to Environmental Sociology

SOC 280A Cooperative Education: Sociology


We frequently have work-study positions available at the campus and district-level. Please see the PCC Work Study page for available positions or email

ASPCC Cascade
Director of Eco-Social Justice- 20 hours per week


Responsibilities include:

  • Work on food justice initiatives:
  • Ensure that PCC’s Sustainability Policy is followed on the Cascade campus
  • Serve as a member of the District Student Council and provide updates with Identity Center Focus
  • Build relationships with Campus Identity Centers and plan programming intrinsically tied to their values and goals
  • Sit on Campus Green Team
  • Work with learning garden coordinator
  • Collaborate with other campus Green Teams to implement any district wide initiatives
  • Work with the other ASPCC branches and the Programming Board to center eco-social justice
    conscious practices when planning activities
  • Serve as representative on PCC Sustainability Leadership Council
  • Serve as representative on Eco-Social Justice Coalition (formerly the District Student Sustainability
  • Promote The Eco Social Justice Grant and serve on the allocation committee
  • Plan, implement and execute Eco-Social Justice Day activities
  • Plan, implement and execute Earth Day / Week events
  • Encourage Green practices on campus
  • Use PantherHUB to promote activities
  • Work as a member of the Cascade ASPCC Team:
  • Attend all mandatory leadership trainings
  • Attend the weekly General Council Meetings
  • Attend all Programming Board Meetings and create timely advertising
  • Other duties as assigned

Application deadline is Wednesday May 1st @ 5:00pm. Complete and submit the online application found at Contact Ashley Hansen at 971-722-5379 or by email at with questions.

Food Pantry Manager – 20 hours per week


Responsibilities include:

  • Work on food insecurity initiatives:
    • Focus on issues of hunger and food insecurity among college students by providing access to food resources through the food pantry and SNAP (or applicable) programs. 
    • Experience working with a team and excellent organizational skills.


    • Manage the ASPCC Cascade Panther Pantry


    • Work with the work-study staff to maintain the Panther Pantry via scheduling, training, and follow-up meetings


    • Work in the Cascade Panther Pantry


    • Order and pick up food from the Oregon Food Bank regularly


    • Attend SNAP training via partnerships with Oregon Food Bank,
    • Partners for Hunger Free Oregon, DHS and other applicable agencies


    • Provide SNAP outreach and advocacy for students from the Pantry.


  • Work as a member of the Cascade ASPCC Team:


    • Collaborate with the ASPCC Team and campus student leadership programs to promote food resources


    • Connect with other campus ASPCC positions that work on issues connected to hunger specifically


    • Partner with Learning Garden Coordinator to collaborate on food insecurity resources


    • Attend weekly GCM and participate in all training activities

      Complete all mandatory reports.

  • Must be able to drive a vehicle and complete vehicle training program. Other duties as assigned.

Application deadline is Wednesday May 1st @ 5:00pm. Complete and submit the online application found at Contact Ashley Hansen at 971-722-5379 or by email at with questions.

ASPCC Rock Creek
Sustainability and Eco Justice Programs Specialist – 15 hours per week

Responsibilities include:

  • Deepening your understanding of sustainability
  • Implementing sustainable practices on campus

Position open until filled. Applications are available in the Student Leadership Office, Building 5, Room 115. Contact or with questions.

ASPCC Southeast
Southeast Director of Sustainability- 20 hours per week

Salary: $12.50/hour

Summary: Provide leadership with an eco-social justice focus to Southeast Student Life and Leadership team and as a District Student Council member. Increase sustainability efforts on campus and across the district by participating on committees and working with the Sustainability Office. Recognize and promote the intersectionality of environmental social justice. Hold PCC accountable for eco-social justice policies.


  • Raise campus awareness of sustainability purpose and practice
  • Work district-wide to create and implement new sustainable processes


Under the oversight of the Director of Student Life and Leadership Development, other Student Leadership Professional staff and Executive Team:

  • Ensure that PCC’s Sustainability Policy is followed on the Southeast campus
  • Engage with campus Identity Centers
  • Collaborate with learning garden team
  • Collaborate with other campuses regarding sustainability efforts
  • Encourage an eco-social justice lens in all Southeast Student Life and Leadership Development programs, events, and practices
  • Implement environmentally responsible practices
  • Promote The Eco-Social Justice Grant and serve on the Eco-Social Justice Committee
  • Use PantherHUB to promote activities
  • Create informational events and advertisements for sustainable practices

Plan, implement and execute:

  • Eco-Social Justice Day activities
  • Earth Day / Week events

Serve as a representative on:

  • PCC Sustainability Leadership Council
  • Campus Green Team
  • Eco-Social Justice Coalition
  • District Student Council (Every Friday)
  • Auxiliary Services (Operations Council if implemented)

● Attend all mandatory leadership training
● Attend the weekly General Council Meetings
● Attend all Programming Board Meetings
● Other duties as assigned

Required Skills:
● Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Applications
● Ability to work independently
● Strong communication skills
● Willingness to learn many details about PCC
● Excellent project management skills
● Excellent time management and prioritizing skills
● Ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally
● Ability to work some evenings and weekends
● Ability to handle multiple responsibilities at one time
● Successful completion of at least two terms at PCC
● Ability to travel off-site for various meetings and events
● Ability to delegate time-sensitive tasks

Preferred Skills:
● Experience with sustainable practices
● Prior customer service experience
● Ability to resolve issues and adapt to a variety of situations
● Leadership ability or potential
● Public Speaking
● Provide guidance, constructive feedback, and support to the Programming Team.

● Serve from June 2019 through June 2020
● Attend all mandatory leadership activities pertaining to the Southeast Director of Student Programs
● Successfully complete at least 6 PCC credits per term employed
● Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above each term
● Must be in good academic and behavioral standing for the term prior to selection and during the entire period of employment
● Work up to 20 hours per week in the Fall, Winter and Spring terms (Hours to be arranged/Some evening or
weekend hours)
● Sit on two PCC committees to represent our Southeast students at the campus and district level

Deadline: Wednesday, May 1st, 11:59pm

Complete online application at:
✓ Current resume
✓ One letter of recommendation
✓ Supplemental questions

If selected, individual interviews will be held the May 7th and 8th. Group interview will be held May 9th. If you are selected, please make time on those days to attend an interview. You can view our mandatory calendar which is linked in our application.

District Sustainability Department
Sustainability Work Study Assistant

Assist the Sustainability Manager with a variety of tasks and projects to advance the college’s sustainability efforts. Potential tasks and projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating waste audits and recycling education
  • Conducting research on sustainability best practices
  • Data entry
  • Promoting sustainability awareness & outreach
  • Other duties as assigned

Desired Qualifications:

  • Passion for sustainability and social justice
  • Dedication to promoting sustainable practices
  • Competency in Microsoft Office Suite & Adobe Suites
  • Skills in research, critical thinking, project management, and data entry
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Projects can be varied to align with student’s knowledge and experience.

Position open until filled. Must be work study approved through financial aid. Please contact with any questions, and to apply for the position after accepting your work study award.

Sylvania Environmental Center
Outreach Coordinator

As our Outreach Coordinator, you would:

Help with E-Center communications:

  • Update the our sustainability outreach materials
  • Creatively design new signage
  • Work on our Newsletter around events and education

Help with sustainability projects:

  • Plan events including Upcycling and Earth Week
  • Talk with fellow students at tabling events
  • Help with sustainability activities, like learning garden work parties
  • Help with composting and recycling programs

Keep up and organize the Environmental Center office.

Contact Peter Ritson, Environmental Center Coordinator, for more details.

We looking for team members who have skills, experience or wants to further develop in, outreach, people skills, organization, and planning. Contact Peter Ritson, Environmental Center Coordinator, for more details.

Rock Creek Sustainability Office
Sustainable Practices Educator

Work Schedule: flexible

Hours per Week: 5-11

Wage/Salary: $11.25/hr for Work-Study

Portland Community College’s Rock Creek Sustainability Office is looking for a passionate, enthusiastic and organized student to join our team to advance the college’s sustainability practices. Under direction of the campus Sustainability Coordinator, the Sustainable Practices Educator will assist with new and current sustainability practices and initiatives as well as provide administrative support to the team.

Some duties may include:

  • Assist with the coordination and promotion of existing sustainability programs, such as the Green Office program and PowerShift.
  • Contribute to our sustainability online presence, including website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Conduct research on potential new initiatives and opportunities that will contribute to the achievement of college-wide sustainability goals.
  • Assist with the implementation of new sustainability programs/initiatives and develop sustainability resources.
  • Conduct sustainability assessments and gather data for activities such as waste audits and energy conservation projects.
  • Support events and programs related to sustainability, such as Earth Week, Eco Challenge, Pollinator Week and Harvest Fest
  • Coordinate promotional activities and tabling during college events.
  • Develop educational materials for staff and students and coordinate outreach campaigns.
  • Perform general administrative tasks, including: note taking, writing document summaries, sending emails and returning phone calls.


  • Passionate about sustainability or a related fields.
  • A basic understanding of sustainability and social justice.
  • Skills in data collection, critical thinking, project management, and data entry are a bonus.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to effectively organize and meet established deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Comfortable using social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Application Details: Please email a resume, cover letter and two professional references to If you have any questions, please call 971-722-7635.

Online Application Address:

Rock Creek Learning Garden
Learning Garden Assistant (Job ID: 30197)
The Learning Garden Assistant will mainly work in PCC Rock Creek’s 3.64 acre Learning Garden, a pesticide and herbicide-free food growing space. Work in the garden may include raised bed preparation, planting, weeding, tool maintenance, irrigation maintenance, and weekly harvest for sale at Portlandia FarmStandia. The Learning Garden Assistant will also have the opportunity to interact with volunteers and students in the garden and demonstrate best practices.
Harvest and Farm Stand Associate (Job ID: 33522)
The Harvest and Farm Stand Associate will work with the Learning Garden team to prepare for and run Portlandia FarmStandia each Tuesday (~6-8 hours/Tuesday, April-October). This work will include harvesting, washing and packing crops in the garden and hoop house prior to sale, assisting with set-up and take-down of the farm stand, and providing support during farm stand hours by helping with transactions, engaging with customers and promoting Learning Garden services and events. Gain insight into running a small business and assist with marketing, outreach, customer service and donation of surplus produce to our community partners. This is a great opportunity for students interested in health, agriculture, or business, or for individuals who simply want to be involved in their community and develop their professional skill set.
Education Assistant (Job ID: 35574)
Get to know the learning garden at the PCC Rock Creek Campus by participating in seeding, field preparation, planting, weeding, and harvest. Share your knowledge with other students by providing sustainability loop tours on campus, tabling at events, and partnering in a position of leadership with the Learning Garden Club.
All positions require Work-study eligibility and offer $11.25/hour. To apply: please send resume and cover letter to the Learning Garden Coordinator. Email:


District Student Sustainability Council

Care about Sustainability? Want to take ACTION on campus? Join the District Student Sustainability Council (DSSC)! The DSSC was created over the fall n’ winter terms of 2018-2019. This has become an exciting development for students of PCC as it is the beginning of a stronger relationship between students, staff, and faculty at all levels of the college. Going forward the DSSC will have student leaders from all campuses collaborating with and attending the quarterly district wide Sustainability Leadership Council (SLC) meetings. For more information please contact Em Jones at

Cascade Environmental Justice Club

Our club members are advocates of environmental and social justice and champion equity and inclusiveness for all our fellow students, this is the way we see true sustainability happening on our campus and in this world. Supporting each other is a big step towards being able to support our place in the bigger systems of this BIG planet! A part of our new focus is finding the intersectionality between student clubs, organizations, and resource centers to cross promote sustainability awareness and collaborative efforts to build more resilient community on our campuses. The club has transformed from the Environmental Sustainability Club to the Environmental Justice Club to broaden it’s scope and to become even more of an action oriented club. We have volunteer opportunities, community outreach projects, and grant writing opportunities to fund green initiatives that will be implemented around Cascade Campus and/or district wide. Join the club on the Panther Hub and if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hello, you can contact Allison Rose at

Sylvania Food Justice Club

The Sylvania Food Justice Club/Cohort is comprised of food justice champions from multiple Identity Based Equity Centers (IBEC) including the Queer Resource Center, Multicultural Center, Women’s Resource Center, and Veterans Resource Center. Collectively, the cohort organizes advocacy and education around food insecurity and how to help students in need. Our mission is to tackle the root cause that continues to perpetuate the same outcome. We stand by three fundamental strategies that can address systemic hunger by, teaching, connecting and advocating. This includes policies, practices, and norms here at PCC. At PCC Sylvania, we draw strength from all who support us on campus and in our community. We hope people across the city and state will see our efforts in taking the lead in addressing hunger here in Oregon. All are welcome. If you are interested in being a part of this cohort, email

Southeast Learning Garden Club – Food Justice

Inspired by students passionate about gardening and breaking down barriers to food security, we have created the Southeast campus’s first Food Justice Club. The club is open to all PCC students and is dedicated to building awareness and resources to empower fellow students. For more details, please contact

Southeast Green Team

Are you a student at Southeast and interested in getting involved in sustainability initiatives on campus? Join students, faculty, and staff in the Southeast Green Team! We are in the process of developing a learning garden that will be a comprehensive outdoor learning space for our students to learn, our faculty to teach in, and our Southeast Campus to enjoy. This will provide opportunities for students to work outside of the standard classroom and to connect sustainability and gardening with learning and everyday life. We promote a number of other green initiatives, like the Bike Rental Program and annual Earth Week events. If you are interested in learning more about the club or attending a meeting, contact Nicole Seery at

Sylvania Garden Club

The purpose of the club is to learn more about organic gardening, share gardening knowledge, plan events for the Learning Garden, and attend field trips and guest speaker events. There is still time to join. If you’re interested, email

Sylvania Environmental Club

This club meets on Mondays at 11am in AM 101. If you’re interested, email

Habitat Restoration Team at Sylvania
  • PCC Sylvania, HT 320 (room is on the north side of the building)
  • Fridays, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Would you like leadership and environmental field experiences? Come join the team! We don’t usually meet for two hours but sometimes we write grants, show movies, do a walkabout, or have a mini-work party. The Habitat Restoration Team, working with the Sylvania Grounds crew, PCC students and staff, and community members, works to remove invasive species, plant NW native plants, and help stabilize creek beds. To get involved, contact April Fong.

Food Recovery at Rock Creek

This club works to prevent campus food waste by recovering and donating unsold, unconsumed food while promoting sustainability and giving back to our community. If you are interested in learning more, contact Stephanie Saunders at

Rock Creek Garden Club
Get involved with the garden and learn more about organic gardening, composting, and greenhouse production. Help host work parties and events in the Learning Garden. Now’s the time to get growing! For more info email:
The Panther PAC (Progressive Action Club)

Bi-weekly meetings starting Wednesday, November 16th from 6:30pm-7:30 pm in HT 205. The PAC wants to affect political action around the environment and social justice. While the problems in our community and our world can be heavy, you can join us to find hope and energy! We are a group of intelligent, informed, and passionate PCC students looking to make a difference.

Thinking of starting a club?

First contact the district sustainability department, who can connect you with people and resources that you will need to know. Who knows – maybe there’s already a club that exists, waiting for someone like you to step into a leadership role!


Rock Creek Garden Community Plots

Calling all gardeners! Interested in caring for a plot in the community beds at the Rock Creek Campus Learning Garden? Sign-ups begin soon. For more information, contact Elaine.

Eco Social Justice Grant

Eco Social Justice Grant

Issues of environmental degradation, inequality, and economic disparity impact us all. Here at PCC we value our students, staff, and faculty and their commitment to sustainability as well as their advocacy and efforts towards creating more equitable, diverse and inclusive spaces across the district.

We are supporting and fostering a culture of collaborative, innovative problem solving using environmental sustainability and social justice initiatives to accomplish these goals. From our learning gardens, water bottle fill stations, our great bike programs and farm stand, to our annual #EcoSocialJusticeEvent, we have been working together to address our community’s most pressing ecological and social challenges with fresh ideas. We also feel that it is important to both celebrate and give thanks and acknowledgement to the amount of time, money, and effort that students have put towards making Portland Community College a nationally and globally recognized higher education institution and leader in the sustainability movement.

In 2008 the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC) District Student Council approved a ten cent addition to the student activity fee, creating The Green Initiative Fund. At the beginning of 2018, the ASPCC District Student Council unanimously agreed to change the name of this fund to the Eco Social Justice Grant (ESJG), this name change better reflects the broader scope of what these grants have been and will be dedicated to. This fund exists so that students, staff, and faculty can participate in our culture of innovation and contribute meaningful advances to sustainable practices. At PCC, our goal is to achieve sustainable excellence in all operations, to live our commitment to social justice, and to meet our targeted greenhouse gas reductions as detailed in the Climate Action Plan. If you have an idea for a project that moves PCC towards these outcomes, we want to hear from you!

Learn more and apply for the Eco Social Justice Grant!

Want to learn how to be more sustainable on the day-to-day?

Take the Sustainable Choices Pledge.

GPSEN College Network of Environmentalists

GPSEN logo

Stay in the loop of networking events in Portland, discuss goals and ideas for the future, and more!

Panther Pantries

We know that keeping students fed is imperative to equitable student success, that diverting food waste lowers PCC’s carbon impact, and that projects like the Learning Garden and Food Forests build community resilience to the impacts of Climate Change.

Panther Pantries are on all four comprehensive campuses and provide food for students in need: Cascade (Second Floor, Student Union Building); Rock Creek (Room 113, Building 5); Southeast (Room 105, Mt. Tabor Hall); and Sylvania (Room 102, College Center).

Find more resources for students on PCC’s Student Life page.

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Sustainability Focus Award online poster

Sustainability Focus Award online poster