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Work Study

2022-2023: For students

Because there are so few jobs currently available, we have not awarded work study funds to students. If you are interested in work study and would like to know if you are eligible, send your name and G# to workstudy@pcc.edu and someone will confirm whether or not you are eligible, along with instructions on how to look for a job.

2022-2023: For supervisors

Send student’s name and G# to workstudy@pcc.edu to check for work study eligibility prior to interviewing or offering a job to a student.

What is work study?

The Federal Work-Study Program provides part-time jobs for students with financial need. In many ways, work study jobs are like normal part-time jobs - you have job duties, get regular paychecks, and use the money to pay for educational expenses. But these jobs have additional perks:

  • Flexible schedules: your employer will understand that being a student is your top priority.
  • Great jobs: learn skills that lead to long-term opportunities - these jobs look much better on a resume than a babysitting or coffee shop job.
  • Decreased debt: earn money instead of borrow it and you will graduate with less debt!

How do I get work study?

Work study is part of federal financial aid, so to get a work study job, you must first apply for financial aid. To qualify for federal work study, you must be eligible to complete a FAFSA. ORSAA students are not eligible for work study. You'll know if you have been offered work study because you'll see it on your award letter - be sure to accept work study funds if you are lucky enough to have them on your award!

  • Didn't get work study? Work study funds are limited, so not everyone who has financial aid is awarded work study. If work study was not on your award letter, you can get on the work study waitlist.

How to Access Your Work Study

Only students who have been awarded work study should complete this orientation. To see if you have been awarded work study, look at the award letter in your MyPCC Financial Aid Dashboard.

  1. Find jobs

    Log in to our online job board to find jobs that match your interests.

  2. Arrange an interview

    Sit down with the employer to find out if the job is a good match.

  3. Accept the job

    Complete the paperwork so that you get paid on time.

  4. Begin working

    Submit your time sheet, track your hours, and be a good employee.

  5. Keep your position

    Maintain your eligibility and solve common work study problems.

Work study supervisors

If you would like to post a work study position or have questions about your current work study position, read the resources for work study supervisors.

Have more questions?

If you can't find answers to questions on this site, contact the PCC Financial Aid Office.