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Step 5: Maintain eligibility

academic progress iconDid you know that you can lose your eligibility to receive aid in the future, or even be required to pay all your aid back? This page will show you how to keep that from happening.

How to maintain eligibility

You need to make satisfactory academic progress in order to continue to receive financial aid. In other words, you have to get good enough grades and complete enough classes to keep moving toward completing your degree or certificate.

  • Maintain your GPA: keep grade point average at 2.0 or higher
  • Complete your classes: successfully complete ⅔ of attempted credits
  • Keep moving toward degree or certificate: finish program within set number of credits
  • Take eligible classes: be in program and take classes that are eligible for financial aid

Lost eligibility?

If you did not meet the eligibility requirements above, you’ll need to read these policies. In the policies, you’ll find information about the appeal process, plus the forms you need to make an appeal.

How to check your standing

You can check your SAP standing in your Financial Aid Dashboard in MyPCC by clicking on the stoplight. We communicate with you through PCC email, so your check your PCC email frequently to be aware of changes to your status.

Thinking of dropping a class? It can affect your aid

Dropping a class can have a significant impact on your financial aid. Here are some ways it may affect your eligibility:

  • it can keep you from making satisfactory academic progress
  • you can lose your loan eligibility
  • you could have to pay money back

Each student’s situation is different. To understand how dropping a class will impact your aid, talk to someone in the Financial Aid Office.