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Everybody Reads 2016: Stories of INvisibility

Inspired by Everybody Reads author Cristina Henríquez’s tumblr The Unknown Americans Project, these videos and essays capture experiences from people who have felt invisible in the past and are ready to make their own story more widely known.  Share your own story of INvisibility on social media using #UnknownAmericans.

I could be successful if I just tried to learn in different ways.

So an aspect of my identity that isn’t visible is that I have a learning disability and this first became apparent to me when I was in second grade. I’d always been a good student, working hard, and my hard work always resulted in performing well, but then it came time to start memorizing. We […]

Invisibility for me was safety.

To me, invisibility means you can be practically anywhere, hear anything, and learn so much more about what’s around you because no one notices where you are. I grew up in Madaket, California. Itty bitty town, really bad place, where being invisible was the best thing. If you didn’t get involved in the gangs, you […]

I need to see my family and my friends.

My family is from Romania. My sister, brother, and parents were born in Romania. I was born in Vancouver, Washington. For me, I love my parents and I love my sister and my brother…. It’s sad for me that my brother and sister don’t come to my house very often. It’s hard for me to […]

Everyone seems to have their own freedom.

My experience moving to this country, to America, it has been positive. The sense that I got the most is freedom. Everyone seems to have their own freedom and that’s really beneficial. You become very creative that way.