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New Chargers for Check Out

Need to charge your device on campus, but forgot your charger? PCC Library now has Multi USB charging cables for check out at each campus. Cables check out for 4 hours.

Banned Books Week 2018

Don't let someone else curb your freedom to read. Show your support for keeping materials publicly available by reading one of your favorite banned books.

Constitution Day 2018

Join Portland Community College in celebrating Constitution Day. Come by PCC Library to get free copies of "The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It".

Looking for a Good Read?

PCC Library's reading guide includes book recommendations on SciFi, Dystopia, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Non-Fiction and more!

International Literacy Day 2018

Founded by UNESCO, International Literacy Day on September 8, 2018, draws attention to the importance of a literate public.

Emergency Preparedness 2018

Do you have a game plan for an emergency? If not, don't wait. Find helpful tips and Portland area resources on the Library topic guide for Emergency Preparedness.

Popular Novels in the Library

Did you know that you can find new fiction and other best selling books at the PCC Library? Come on in and discover fantasy, science fiction, action, mystery and other all around great reads.

Donate Items to Reduce Fines

PCC Library accepts donations of packaged food or new hygiene items to reduce overdue fines. You receive $5.00 or $10.00 for each item donated. Bring items to any library checkout desk.

Library Research and Beyond (LIB 101)

A one-credit library research skills class begins Fall term 2018. Learn how to use PCC Library and the web for excellent research results.

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