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We strive to make the content on this website and the services at PCC as accessible as possible! Please use one of these resources, or leave a comment using the form below.

Accessibility resources

iconAccessibility for Online Courses
Instructional techniques and training for faculty.
iconAccessible Building Features Map
Find features like automatic door openers and accessible water fountains.
iconAdaptive Computer Technology Services
Tutorials and information about technology.
iconDisability Services
Student accommodation.
iconOffice of Equity and Inclusion
Policies related to diversity, inclusion and equity.
iconHuman Resources: Americans with Disabilities Act
PCC employees with disabilities are protected from discrimination.

Who is responsible for accessibility at PCC?

We all are!  Because accessibility is the work of the whole college, we formed the PCC Accessibility Council, which brings together students, faculty, staff and deans in the name of achieving an inclusive, accessible environment at PCC. The steering committee meets every term to identify necessary improvements. Work groups meet monthly to address barriers in our built and digital environments.

Have feedback for us?

If you have any questions or comments about accessibility at PCC, please fill out the following form.

Accessibility feedback
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