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Committee for an Accessible College Culture


Learning Garden

Rock Creek Garden Buddies.

Audio Description

Audio Description in the Sylvania theater.


Community discussions about invisible disabilities.

Our charge

student tends to plants in sunny raised bed The charge of this group is to guide the development of a college culture that is welcoming to students, staff, faculty and visitors who experience disability and to identify and dismantle barriers to our programs and services.

Committee for an Accessible College Culture membership

This group will be comprised of staff, faculty, and student representatives from each of the PCC campuses.

  • Patricia Kepler, Accessible Ed & Disability Resources (Lead Co-chair)
  • Martha Bailey,  Academic Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Angel Ray, Accessible Ed & Disability Resources
  • Carrie Courtright, Computer Applications
  • DeLyse Totten, Business Administration
  • Kim Burroughs, Student
  • Nerva Pfund, Student Resources
  • Tracy Buseman-Carlstrom,, Adult Basic Education
  • Darilis Garcia, Registration
  • Laura Sanders, Liberal Arts and Pre-College
  • Monica Noe, Multicultural Center
  • Traci Simmons, Student Development
  • Shasti McLaughlin, Sign Language
  • Mari Krause, Library
  • Usha Ramanujam, Business Administration

Priorities and accomplishments

See our meeting schedule, notes, and our current work efforts: Committee for an Accessible College Culture.

Contact the committee

Is there something you'd like this committee to consider? Send us your questions and concerns about accessible culture.

Contact: Patricia Kepler