ADA Comprehensive Transition Plan

Develop a Comprehensive Transition Plan PCC
The Comprehensive Transition Plan is PCC’s first long-term and living plan to address accessibility barriers with the ultimate goal of providing an equitable experience for members of the PCC community. The Plan outlines priorities to assess and enhance college spaces over time, including physical, virtual, and programmatic. Priorities for the Plan are guided by the desire to ensure that college spaces are inclusive, flexible, and accessible.

Navigating the Plan

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Review and update cycle (in progress)

The Plan will include a review cycle to ensure that it truly is a long-term and living plan that PCC can adapt and to respond to evolving needs and priorities. The Plan will be data-driven with metrics developed to measure our progress in meeting the plan’s priorities. Each of our Plan’s priorities will have responsible departments and/or officials identified to ensure accountability in meeting our goals.

Key focus areas

Built environment

The Plan will identify and prioritize the removal of accessibility barriers within the built environment, such as transportation, parking, paths of travel, restrooms, etc.

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Digital environment

In 2018 College adopted the Accessible Technology Policy. The Plan will continue the work to identify and prioritize the removal of accessibility barriers within the digital environment, including PCC websites, software, and digital/electronic instructional materials and content.

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Program access

The Plan will also identify and prioritize the removal of accessibility barriers that limit full and equal participation in all programs, goods, services, and accommodations at PCC. This includes a review of patterns of discrimination or bias, college-wide policies/procedures, and all aspects of the student and employee journey at PCC.

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