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Accessible Built Environment Committee


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Created a process to ensure builders follow the college’s accessibility updates.

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Supported Transportation & Parking’s efforts to improve ADA parking spots.

Our charge

Portland Community College’s Accessible Built Environment Committee advises and assists the College in promoting and achieving an accessible and welcoming physical environment.

Accessible Built Environment Committee membership

  • Lead Co-Chair Donna Bezio, Planning & Capital Construction
  • Co-Chair Rachael Davies, Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Cheryl Arpan, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Michael Cantino, Disability Services
  • Rob Gabris, Risk Management
  • Jody Giffin, Planning and Capital Construction
  • Dean Halley, Public Safety
  • Kari Hanken, Disability Services
  • Susan Hardwick, Planning & Capital Construction
  • Michael Kuehn, Transportation and Parking
  • Steven Morse, Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Karissa Nickerson, Transportation and Parking
  • Krista Phillips, Planning and Capital Construction
  • Megan Saari, Planning and Capital Construction
  • Student Representative (assigned by ASPCC)

Priorities and accomplishments

See our meeting schedule, notes, and our current work efforts: Accessible Built Environment Committee.

Related college work

Contact the committee

Is there something you'd like this committee to consider? Send us your thoughts about the accessibility of PCC's physical environment.

Contact: Donna Bezio