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Events & Displays

PCC Library seeks to collaborate with students, faculty, staff, departments and groups whenever possible. We provide a variety of library services to support events around the district. Some of our services include:

Library table at an event

We can set up a table with a variety of library items relevant to your event. Someone from the library will staff the table and items can be checked out right at the event.


Each campus library has a display area. We can create a custom display that ties into your event with library items and anything you would like to add to a display. Some display areas can be locked, but some are open to viewers.


At your request, a reference librarian will do a short presentation on how to find additional research materials on the subject of the event.

Research guide

We can create a research guide that brings together research sources for the subject of the event and promote it on the news section of the library website.

Host an event in the library

Each campus library has a variety of spaces that can be set up for events. We will work with you individually to find an area to suit your needs. The date, time, event size and our available staffing may limit some events, but be will do our best to find a solution.

Tour of the library

We will conduct a tour of any campus library.

Library instruction for your class

To schedule a library instruction session for your class, please fill out the Library Instruction Request instead of using the form on this page.

Use of library spaces

If you would like to use the library space for your event or display, see the policies for the use of library spaces for events and displays..

Have the library join your event

If you would like the library to join your event, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. PCC Expressive Conduct Policy.