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Accessibility Resources in the Library

PCC Library strives to create an inclusive environment. The Library prioritizes accessibility in its decisions and services. PCC Library works closely with Accessible Education and Disability Resources to make accommodations for those who require them.

This page includes information on the Library’s accessibility policies and resources.


Adaptive equipment is available in each campus library. Find out more about adaptive equipment available at PCC.

Each library provides scanners on height-adjustable tables. Library scanners are free to use. Scanners can perform optical character recognition (OCR) in multiple languages and can convert printed text to audio files. Users can email scanned files as attachments, save them to thumb drives, or upload them to Google Drive.

Need help with adaptive equipment?

Staff in Accessibility Education and Disability Resources are available to answer questions.

Blindness and low vision

Deafness and hearing loss


ADA compliance policy

  • PCC Library works closely with Disability Services in making provisions for users who need accommodations.
  • Service animals are permitted in the library.
  • Adaptive technology equipment is available to check out at all libraries.
  • The Library purchases films and videos with closed captions or subtitles when they are available.
  • The Library tests all new electronic resources added to the collection with Disability Services testers, and will not add a new subscription database if it is found to be inaccessible. The Library provides strong feedback to vendors about the accessibility of their products.
  • The Library encourages faculty to be aware of the need for closed captioning when they request the purchase of new materials.
  • The Library’s website strives to be WCAG 2.0 compliant and follows guidelines set forth by the U.S. Access Board.

Library website

The Library regularly reviews its website and instructional content to ensure that it meets ADA guidelines and that it supports the principles of universal design. Please contact us with questions and comments about Adaptive Technology and universal design.

Accessible building features map