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Course reserves for faculty

Use the links below to learn what types of materials can be submitted, to find directions on making submissions using the course reserves submission form, and to know when submissions will be available for check out.  Questions? Please contact a course reserves specialist.

Course reserves submission process

Fill out the online course reserves submission form.

For personally owned materials, please deliver these items to the library Checkout desk or send via intercampus mail addressed to “Library Reserves”

For library owned materials, course reserve staff will locate the items for processing.

Please note, items do not appear in the library search system until 24 hours after the submission is processed, but items are available for check out once the confirmation email is sent.

Labels will be placed on submitted items. Care is taken to make the labels removable, but there may be exceptions. Please specify on the submission form if applying labels to faculty-owned materials may be objectionable.

What can be submitted


  • PCC Library-owned
  • Personal copies


  • The library does not purchase textbooks.  Textbooks must be provided by the instructor.
  • CDs that are packaged with the textbook cannot be submitted for course reserves as a “stand-alone” item. For the library to avoid copyright violations, the CD must come with the book or the instructor must have permission to use the CD as a stand-alone.
  • Textbooks with consumable content, such as fill-in-the blank questions, cannot be placed on reserve if students are encouraged by the instructor to photocopy the “consumable” pages.

Photocopies or scanned magazine articles

  • These materials can remain on course reserve for 3 years. A complete copy of the Fair Use Checklist must be submitted along with the copies or scans. See: Fair Use.


  • Faculty-owned or library-owned videos are acceptable.

Student produced materials

  • Students must sign a student information release form to have their materials put on course reserve.  Instructors should bring completed release forms to the library.
  • Instructor graded student work cannot go on reserve.  Such works are protected under federal law and college policy:
    • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), For more information about FERPA, you may contact the PCC registrar office.
    • PCC (Educational Records Policy)
  • To place any student work (originals or copies) of recordings of student performances on course reserve, the materials may not have student identification numbers on them.
    • If the items have personally identifying material on them (e.g. names, grades, images) written permission from that student must be on file. Removing names or other identifiers from student work does not relieve the instructor from copyright responsibility.

Expiring course reserves process

Items may be placed on course reserve for a maximum of 3 years. Course reserves staff will email faculty when a course reserve is near its expiration date. To renew the course reserve, reply to the email. If reserves staff do not receive a response, faculty-owned items will be mailed to your campus address and library-owned items will return to the stacks.

Personally owned items removed from course reserve can be picked up at the library Checkout desk. Please communicate to the Checkout desk staff that the item is being taken off course reserve. Alternatively, email course reserves staff and have the item mailed to a campus address.

Please consider donating the faculty-owned items on reserve to the library.  Donations will either be added to the library collection or donated to Better World Books.

Lost or damaged item policy

Library staff do their best to protect personally owned items that are submitted for course reserve, but patrons occasionally fail to return things. Accidental damage occurs and items are subjected to regular wear and tear.

In the case of damage or loss, PCC Library is not responsible for replacing the item. A replacement cost is charged to the offending patron, but this money is not made available to the library to purchase a new item. To offset this, with instructor approval, library staff will extend the option to patrons of replacing the item themselves. The replacement must be the same title/edition and in comparable condition. The course reserve specialist will contact you if this situation arises.

Course reserve specialists

Cascade – | Contact: Elishka Slezak

Rock Creek – | Contact:  Maria Martell

Southeast – | Contact: Erin Petrequin

Sylvania – | Contact: Setsuko Gion