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Summit is the combined catalog of member libraries of the Orbis Cascade Alliance. These Pacific Northwest academic libraries have joined together to allow easy searching, requesting, and delivery of more than 27 million items to PCC students, staff and faculty.

How to search Summit

Materials can be located using the library search. Items with a  “Request from another library” message are available from Summit libraries.

Requesting Summit Items

  • Find the item you want using the library search.
  • Click on the “Request from another library” link below the title.

  • Click on “Sign In” under “Links”, then log in.

  • On the next screen, choose to sign in as “PCC Students, Faculty, and Staff”

  • Use the login screen to sign in with your MyPCC username and password.

  • Click on the “Request from another Summit Library (about 5 days)” button.

  • On the “Resource sharing request” page, select pickup location.
  • If your request is for an item, volume, or part of a multiple-part item, please indicate this in the “Volume” field. Example: “Volume 37”, or “CD.”  Place one request for each item, volume, or part that you need. Then click the “Send Request” button.

  • A note “Your request has been placed. See My Account for details” will indicate that the request has been successful.

  • You can return to your search results by clicking the big “x” on the left side of the screen to exit the item record.
  • If your request cannot be filled, an email will be sent to you that the Summit request was canceled. If the item is not available through Summit, consider placing a new request using interlibrary loan.
  • If your request is successful, you will be sent an email letting you know that the materials can be picked up at the requested PCC location in about five days.

Status of request

  • Then click the “My Account” link in the “PCC Library & Summit” box on the “My Accounts” page.

  • Then sign in with a PCC username and password after selecting “PCC Students, Faculty, and Staff”.

  • Select “Requests” in the menu under “My Library Card”.

Arrival and pick-up of items

  • A PCC email will notify the requester when the item is available for pick up.
  • Items must be picked up within seven calendar days after they are available.
  • Regular loan period: Six weeks with 1 renewal.
  • Important: Do not remove or discard the book bands, stickers, or accompanying paging slips from Summit items to ensure that returned items are properly removed from the user’s patron record. There is a $90 fee for Summit items that are lost or damaged.

Summit borrowing policies

For full details regarding check out, loan periods, and overdue fines, please refer to Borrowing and Loan Periods and Fines.

Summit visiting patron program

  • PCC borrowers can visit other Summit libraries to check out materials and place requests on Summit items.
  • At the other institution, users must log into their PCC Library account to verify their current active status.
  • Once “adopted” by the other library, PCC borrowers can begin using the other library’s materials.
  • Patrons from other Summit institutions can also be adopted at PCC Library. Once “adopted”, they may begin checking out PCC-owned materials.