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Citation Creation Tools

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There are lots of tools and websites that can help you create great citations and bibliographies. Here are a few free citation creation tools you can try when creating a bibliography or works cited page for your next paper or project.


MyBib is a free online citation bibliography creation tool. It can create citations and bibliographies in many styles such as MLA 8 and 9, APA, Chicago, and more. MyBib allows you to paste in a website URL or even search for a book, article, or other source by title, and will pull most of the information you need to create a citation (though you may need to double check that the information is correct and complete).

Once you’ve created your citations, MyBib allows you to copy paste your citations, download them as a Word document, save them to your Google Drive, print them, or email them to yourself.

Citation Builder from NCSU

The Citation Builder from North Carolina State University (NCSU) walks you through the process of creating citations for: books and ebooks; a chapter or essay from a book; magazine newspaper, scholarly journal articles (in print or online); and websites.

It covers the citation styles APA, MLA 7 and 8, Chicago, and CSE/CBE. Once your citation is created by filling out the forms provided, you can cut and paste your generated citation into your bibliography.

Knight Cite from Calvin College

While Calvin College’s Knight Cite citation creator only covers MLA 8, APA, and Chicago, it provides forms to help you make citations for a wide range of resources in print, online, and in multimedia and communication.

That means this tool will not only help you cite a book, article, or website, it can help you cite a cartoon, advertisement, musical composition, radio or TV program, email, and more.

Knight Cite allows you to create a free Knight Cite account so you can save citations for later and export them to Word or an RTF document.