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What Happens to Old Books?

What Happens to Old Books?

To maintain a fresh and relevant collection of materials, PCC librarians weed the collection on a regular basis, evaluating titles for condition, appropriateness, audience level, and availability of updated editions or scholarship.

What does the library do with books and other items it retires from service?

Some discarded titles may be of interest to others, so PCC Library offers the withdrawn titles to Summit partners (38 Pacific Northwest academic libraries) and other statewide libraries. The library also works with Better World Books, an organization that sells used books online and donates a portion of the proceeds to literacy programs worldwide.

The library makes every attempt to conserve resources and follow sustainable practices. By sharing discarded materials and using a service like Better World Books, the library saves recycling costs and makes needed resources available to those who will use them.

The library is prohibited by law to give discarded materials to individuals.