Oregon Library Passport Program

Oregon Library Passport Program

PCC Library is participating in the Oregon Library Passport Program. This is a free service that lets patrons check out items at any other participating library across the state. If you choose to participate in this program, your borrowing privileges will be determined by the participating library, and all items must be returned to the library where they were borrowed.

PCC Community benefits

Participation in this service will allow the PCC Community to check out items wherever they are in the state and will allow access to libraries that may have larger collections or unique titles. Many public libraries and academic libraries are also participating in this service.  The following local libraries, among others, are participating: Portland State University, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and Mount Hood Community College. See the complete list of Participating Libraries.

Outside Community benefits

Borrowers from other institutions can request a Passport Patron Card to use at PCC Library. Privileges will be the same as Community Patrons which includes 1 hour of computer use each day and the option to borrow up to two items at a time.

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