Semana de la Raza

Semana de la Raza


Visit the Library at the Rock Creek campus during Semana de la Raza’s week of celebrations to see a display of Latinx literature and recommended reads. This week-long program honors and advocates Chicanx and Latinx culture, art, history, and scholarship. Do you have a favorite title or author? Share your recommendations, here:

See PCC Semana de la Raza for the schedule of events. Below are links to books, videos, and other information sources relevant to this event.

Related books and videos


Daughters of the Stone
Themes: Familia, African-Puerto Rican women, and celebrating Latinas

The Distance Between Us: A Memoir
Themes: Mexican-American experiences, celebrating Latinas, immigration, and emigration.

The Poet X: A Novel
Themes: Coming of age, poetry slams, celebrating Latinas, familia. National Book Award winner for young people’s literature, among other awards

Tales from La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology (graphics/comics)
Themes: Latinx artists and writers, identities, language, and culture and history sociopolitics of Latinx experiences


An African-American and Latinx History of the United States
Themes: diversity of Latinx community, Afro-Latinx experiences, and US history of imperialism/colonization.

This Bridge Called Myi Back: Writings by Radical women of Color
Themes: Testimonials, identities, feminism, and liberation.


Museum of the Americas
Themes: History US imperialism & colonization, immigration & citizenship, and cultural artifacts & meanings. Longlisted for the 2018 National Book Award in Poetry and Winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series Competition.

Themes: love and familia, stories, celebrating Latinas, and cultural artifacts & meanings.

Related research guides

Reyna Grande Guide
Created by a PCC Librarian, this guide features books, reading group guide discussions, videos, interviews with the author, and information about Immigration, DADA and undocumented immigrants, refugees, and much more.

Chicano-Latino Studies Research Guide
Created by a PCC Librarian, this guide features two databases, suggested catalog searches, websites, videos and more.