Semana de la Raza

Semana de la Raza event banner

La Semana de la raza es uno de los eventos distintivos del Colegio Comunitario de Portland (PCC por sus siglas en inglés) en el campus Rock Creek. Es una celebración de las experiencias diversas y contribuciones inmensas de las culturas y comunidades latinx en el área metropolitana de Portland. Todos los eventos son gratuitos y abiertos al público, incluyendo lecturas, musica, peliculas, espectáculos, premios y mucho más! Hay permisos de estacionamiento disponibles en el campus.

El tema para el 2019 es “Desatando Narrativas Ocultas.” Fue diseñado para resaltar las voces silenciadas dentro de la comunidad latinx como mujeres, afro-latinxs, personas indígenas y LGBTQ+.

Para más información o para involucrarse como voluntarios, por favor comuniquese con el Centro Multicultural de Rock Creek por teléfono al (971-722-7435) o por correo electrónico a

One of the year's signature events at PCC's Rock Creek Campus, Semana de la Raza is a week-long celebration of the diverse experiences and widespread contributions of Latinx cultures and communities in the greater Portland metro area. All events are free for the public (hourly parking permits available onsite), including lectures, music, film, performances, awards, and more.

The theme for 2019, "Unraveling Hidden Narratives," is designed to highlight the often silenced voices within the Latinx community, such as women, Afro-Latinx, indigenous, and LGBTQ+.

For questions or to get involved, please contact the Rock Creek Multicultural Center by phone at 971-722-7435 or by email at

Submit a nomination for the 2019 Raza Awards.

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Monday, April 22

Kick- Off Luncheon & Raza Award Reception
  • Location: Building 9, Rock Creek Event Center
  • Time: 11am-2pm
  • Description: Join us as we celebrate the 13th year of Semana de la Raza in collaboration with Earth Week! Come to enjoy some free food, entertainment, and join us in honoring local latinx leaders during the 2019 Raza Awards.
  • To participate you must register for this event (space is limited): Reserve your spot and RSVP Semana de la Raza & Earth Week Kick-off

Tuesday, April 23

How La Raza became Latinx: Ethnic Labels and the Language of Mestizaje
  • Locations: Building 9, RC Library Community Room
  • Time: 12-1:30pm
  • Description: Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Semana de la raza? Are you unsure about how and when to use the words Hispanic, Chicanx, or Latinx? Join us for a panel about the wide range of ethnic labels used to describe people of Latin American descent in the United States. Drawing on examples from across U.S. history, we'll discuss how the words we use to describe ethnic and racial identity have been used to both oppress and empower people. Join us for a conversation with panelists Luz Villanueva, Juan Ramirez, Willan Cervantez. The conversation will be moderated by Israel Pastrana, Rock Creek History Instructor.
Teatro Milagro Presents: Judge Torres
  • Location: Auditorium (Bldg 3, Room 114)
  • Time: 6pm-8pm (pre-show reception with refreshments for guests 5-6pm)
  • Description: Woven with magical realism and Mayan folktales, Salvadoran playwright Milta Ortiz created this new work inspired by her own immigrant experiences. Judge Torres is a story of triumph against the odds; Xiomara made her rise from undocumented immigrant to one of only a few Latina judges in Oregon. She brings diversity to the bench not often seen in Oregon or across the nation – as a Latina but also as a child abuse victim and product of the foster care system.

    In 1980 when she was 9, she crossed a river with her family, led by a "coyote", who brought them to their new lives in America. When she was 13, she and her siblings were placed in foster care. In the play, La Siguanaba, a mythical being from Salvadoran legends, guides her, providing strength and wisdom to light the way, and Jan, her court appointed advocate, pulls her up when the challenges become too overwhelming. As a "MeToo Dreamer" the odds of success were small, statistically only 3% of foster kids make their way to college, making Xiomara's story of becoming a judge a great inspiration.

    Judge Torres is a modern day fairytale rooted in Salvadoran folklore. Judge Ximoara Torres faces many obstacles in her turbulent journey crossing the border, maneuvering the US foster care system, missing her family, aging out, and becoming the most recent Latinx judge in Multnomah County, Oregon. But these barriers are no match for her Salvadoran-American grit.
  • To participate you must register for this event Teatro Milagro Presents (space is limited).

Wednesday, April 24

The Narrative of Authentic Hispanic Food: Making Tortillas with Three Sisters Nixtamal
  • Presenter: Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate
  • Time: 11am-2pm
  • Location: Building 5, Learning Kitchen (Room 241)
  • Description: Learn about the history behind corn, traditions, masa and tortilla production; show and tell with corn, nixtamal, metate, molino, comal. Learn to make tortillas, sopes, gorditas with fresh masa, hand presses and griddles; participants will learn to make tortillas and eat them with prepared salsas, queso and beans.
  • To participate you must register for this event The Narrative of Authentic Hispanic Food (space is limited).

Thursday, April 25

US Immigration Workshop
  • Location: Building 5, Room 122
  • Time: 11am-2pm
  • Description: Student leaders who attended the San Diego Alternative Spring Break will be sharing their experiences to raise awareness about our current immigration policies and events at the border between Mexico and the United States. Participants will gain an understanding about the reality that incoming immigrants currently experience.

Friday, April 26

Latino & Tejano Community Building in Washington County
  • Time: 11am-12:30pm
  • Location: Building 5, Room 122
  • Description: The Washington County Museum is excited to present a panel conversation with esteemed community members Evangelina Sanchez, Hector Hinojosa and José Jaime in conjunction with the museum's current exhibit, AgriCulture: Shaping Land & Lives in the Tualatin Valley, and Semana de la Raza at Portland Community College Rock Creek. The discussion will be moderated by PCC Rock Creek President, Dr. Chris Villa, and will explore connections between personal experiences, community building and agriculture in Washington County. Followed by guided tours at the museum until 2pm. Admission is always free for PCC Students, staff and faculty. Contact:

Saturday, April 27

Feria de las flores
  • Times: 10am-4pm
  • Location: Rock Creek Quad and Building 9
  • Description: ¡Acompáñenos durante la culminación de la Semana de la Raza para celebrar, jugar y aprender! Tendremos música, rifas, juegos y actividades para toda la familia durante este evento. Aprenda de los servicios que ofrece PCC – Rock Creek y también conozca algunos recursos de nuestros aliados de la comunidad. Este es un evento bilingüe en español e inglés.

    Join us during the culmination of Semana de la Raza to celebrate, play and learn! We will have music, raffles, games, and activities for the whole family during this event. Learn about PCC-Rock Creek services and also learn about some of the resources from our community partners. This is a bilingual event in Spanish and English.

Ongoing events, displays or projects

Showcase of Latinx Authors and Literature
  • Location: Rock Creek Library (Building 9, second floor)
  • Times: Entire month of April
  • Description: Stop by the PCC – Rock Creek Library to check out this interactive display of Latinx authors from the United States and throughout Latin America. You can also offer suggestions for additional materials to be added to our collection. Books are available for viewing and check out with valid PCC ID or valid photo ID and email. Click on the link below "Library Resources" for more information about this collection.
Art Display: No al Cambio Climatico! Ante le destruction, organizate
  • Location: Rock Creek Building 5, first floor
  • Dates: 4/11 – 4/30
  • Description: We are happy to host the Justseeds art display No al Cambio Climatico! Ante la destruction, organizate. This portfolio was created by Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68 from Mexico City in resistance to climate change. Stop by the first floor common area of Building 5 to view these powerful pieces!