Get Physical

Get Physical

Here are some ways exercise can benefit your mind, body and soul: reduce stress, boost happy chemicals, improve self-confidence, enjoy the great outdoors, prevent cognitive decline, increase relaxation, and tap into creativity.


Move along from home

While Youtube and other streaming services offer exercise options, PCC has some quick and easy options as well.

Your Exercise Routine
Physical fitness is a key component of lifelong health.  This series shows how to perform many exercises correctly and safely.

Functional Exercise Training
This series features three different videos: Lower-Body Functional Training, Upper-Body Functional Training, and Functional Abdominal and Lower-Back Training.  The progressive functional continuum is applicable for both group exercise instructors, personal trainers, and program directors.

Total Body Fit – Tubing Challenge
This video is packed full of solo and partner resistance tubing exercises that are designed to enhance fitness and performance goals.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout for Moms
This video workout is appropriate for women of all fitness levels who want to safely and progressively improve how they feel and function, as well as how they look.

Round and About the Method: Pilates Progressions with a Stability Ball and Mini Ball
This video provides an overview of a creative and carefully-sequenced workout that tones and tests the body throughout multiple planes of motion for an exercise routine meant to rejuvenate, renew, and restore.

Dynamic Full-body Circuits
This video provides an overview of how to incorporate five basic foundational movements (squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and rotating) and training paradigms into one full-body circuit.

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