Open Education Week

Join in the celebration of Open Education Week on March 5-9, 2018. Learn how to make education more accessible and affordable for all students.

What is Open Education?

The Open Education movement starts with a fundamental tenet of education–that educators and students can and should freely share ideas and teaching materials–and pairs it with new technologies that aid the rapid dissemination of materials and ideas. Open Education aims to expand access to educational materials and create new opportunities for collaboration.

You may have already encountered or implemented open education practices in your classes: Open Education includes things like free online textbooks, course materials that instructors can adapt for their students, and making visuals and other media free for educational use.

What is Open Ed Week?

Open Ed week highlights accomplishments in open education here at PCC and around the world. By drawing attention to what people are already doing, we hope that we can inspire more participation and dialogue.

How Can I Participate in PCC’s Open Ed Week Events?

PCC Libraries will have displays all week that encourage you to participate or find out more about Open Ed. Stop by any PCC Library to check it out!

Open education benefits everyone by providing access to knowledge and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others.  Learn more about PCC’s OER initiative and how it is benefiting students at the initiative website:

Find online webinars and events here:

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